Cool simulators, great training

Authored and Pictures by: Martin Leduc, May 2005

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In October 2004, I was sent to Fort Lauderdale in the US to attend some safety training at the RTM STAR Center. The full name of the institution is the Raymond T. McKay Simulator Training, Assessment and Research Center, and is operated by the American Maritime Officers union in the United States, and named in honor of the center's founder and past union boss. 

I had heard before of the center and their infrastructure but was enthused about seeing how they set up their facilities. I must say the whole facility is quite amazing and well designed to provide a nearly real simulator environment. Although the decor dates back to the early 1980, it is a equipped with modern simulators for engineering and navigation - including a cargo / ballasting sim, diesel electric propulsion, slow speed / steam turbine and of course the very cool 360 degree bridge simulator.

Below are some pictures of some of the facilities. 

As you can see from the pictures above, the facilities are really all-inclusive. Training itself simulate shipboard life at the center, with many added luxuries.


Diesel Electric ECR

Slow Speed E/R

Slow Speed ECR


Pano of the Diesel Electric ECR

Diesel Electric E/R

Slow Speed ECR
Above are the Training Simulators for the Engineering team.

from inside the pilothouse looking out

Inside the pilothouse

Panorama shots

The Bridge Sim control room
Above are some shots of the 360 degree bridge simulator, showing cruise ships in the Port of Miami.


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