Fugro Saltire

Comfort and function reaches a new level

Authored by: Martin Leduc, 2008
Pictures by: Greg McKevitt and E Forland Shipowners

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A couple of months ago, Greg sent in some pictures of Fugro's new survey vessel, the Fugro Saltire. I was going to upload them on the submitted gallery. But I started digging about for information on this vessel and found that owner's website, E Forland Shipowners of Norway, had an extensive set of pictures online and appeared, rightly so, proud of showing off their new vessel. Which I think you will agree with that this is a pretty spiffy looking vessel, especially in the accommodation area.

I have been working on Canadian tugs of late, and I recently read that the average age of the Canadian fleet (of tugs) is 39 years old. It is almost shocking to see this ship, and the modern design compared to the older vessels, where it appears putting value into the accommodation for crew, was probably considered a waste of money. Thank you Greg for sending these pictures in and introducing us to the Fugro Saltire. I doubt the company will have trouble finding quality crew to work with them.


Survey Vessel Fugro Saltire - Just the facts...
Fugro is a technical consultancy providing subsea surveying and data interpretation services for the oil and gas industry. Fugro-Rovtech Limited, a division of Fugro, provides remotely operated vehicle support vessel (ROVSV) services for third party vessels, mobile offshore drilling units (MODU's) and its own DP2 vessels.

In May 2006, Fugro (Aberdeen) signed a contract and long-term charter for a new ROVSV - the Fugro Saltire. The vessel will be owned by E Forland Shipowners and Fugro-Rovtech and will provide offshore construction and subsea support services alongside Fugro's FCV 3000 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The Fugro Saltire will increase the company's range to provide support, inspection, repair and maintenance services. The agreement has an option for the vessel to be purchased after 2013. It is the sister ship of Fugro's Geo Celtic seismic vessel.

There are also numerous 500kVA power, fuel, water and air points around the 1,100m deck area for contract work use. There is also a helideck designed for a Sikorsky S61 / S92 helicopter with a maximum load of 12,800kg.

Source - E Forland Shipowners website, download Fugro's Information sheet on the Fugro Saltire

Main engines
Aux engines

Bow thrusters
Stern thrusters
Fresh water
Water maker
Ballast water
Marine Diesel oil
Lube oil
Chemical Tanks
Deck crane
Deck area
Deck loading
Tugger winch
Auxiliary crane

111.00m; LBP 100.20m
7.5m (maximum)
6,500T Gross
4 x Rolls Royce 4160Kw
1 x CAT3408 397Kw
1 x CATSR4 462kVA
2 x 2000Kw Tunnel; 1 x 1400Kw Azimuth
2 x 1400Kw Azimuth
Service 16 knots
50+ days (500m)
150 m
Hydramarine AHC 150T/10m
46m x 22m = 1012m
Hydramarine 10T/15m; 1000m
7.2m x 7.2m moon-pool on back deck
24m Diameter; max. landing load 12,800Kgs;
Type Sikorsky S61 /S92


Total complement


MOB boat
FCV 3000 System
ROV Systems

Survey Vessel
E Forland Shipowners and Fugro-Rovtech
Bergen Mekaniske Verksted, Bergen, Norway
Norway (Bergen)

105 persons
37 x Single; 34 x Double
Medical treatment room and rest room
Online survey room - 12m x 12m;
Offline survey room - 7m x 12m;
3 x Client office - 15m;
1 x OVM / PC Office
Conference room
Training Room / Cinema 54 seats
Gymnasium / Sauna
Lounge areas
Internet Caf
2 x Lifeboat - tba
1 x MOB Boat tba
Two ROV systems in Hangar area;
1 x Port side, 1 x Starboard side
3m x 1.7m x 1.7m
3500m umbilical

These pictures are from the E Forland Shipowners website...
Launching the completed hull from the Stocznia Gdansk Shipyard, Oct 19th, 2007
Preparation for towing from Poland to Norway, Nov. 2007
Work commences at the Bergen Yard for fitting out
Machinery starts coming together in Norway
Feb 2008. Winches and ROV equipment going in
Feb 2008. Thrusters go in, below, final fitting in underway in accommodations
April 2008, official naming ceremony. Check out the artwork and furnishings
Talk about a groovy workout. Reception desk, hard wood floors, sweet lord is that an oil ship???
Engine spaces, tidy and bright, airy and with an elevator, thats commuting !
Topside. Bridge deck, sea trials - pretty awesome ship.
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