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Transport Canada has ask us to advise users of this webpage to keep in mind that these questions are not the exact questions found in their exams. Martin's Marine Engineering Page - is not affiliated with Transport Canada and these questions have been gathered from various sources.

Below are .pdf files of a collection of papers I obtain a long time ago, to help in studying for the fourth class multiple choice exam given to prospecting fourth class marine engineers in Canada, by Transport Canada. I finally got around to digitize them, there was about 100 pages to scan, so that's why the delay.

As you can tell the material is quite a bit dated, but when I took my exam in 1999, about 50% of the questions I had to answer, I had already seen in the files below. There is no answer guide but there is some markings to go by for the correct answer. Hopes it helps you as much as it helped me. 

The 1976 guide offers good questions to study by, but be aware that the information, before the practice questions, has changed quite a bit since STCW95 came into force. The new regulations as explained in TP2293, should be considered the sole source of interpretation for license requirements.

- Martin

Transport Canada guide and sample exam 1976

Sample exam Question 1 -76

Sample exam Question 77 - 150

Encountered in May 2015- Thanks AS
  1. What are all the safety devices on board?
  2. Are you ever able to pump bilges overboard?
  3. What is an EPERB?
  4. What do you do when you first step onto a new (to you) vessel?
  5. How long before your watch should you be in the control room, and what do you do before taking over a watch?
  6. What do you do on your 4/6 hour watch?
  7. On your rounds, you check the oil in the engines. What do you look for?
  8. What do you do before use of a cutting torch, and what gas do you use more of, and which one do you open first?
  9. If there is smoke coming out of cabin, what do you do?
  10. What are fixed firefighting systems?
  11. How do you use a CO2 system?
  12. How do you prevent a fire?
  13. How do you control a fire?
  14. If someone is injured in a particular way, how do you help?