Certification Assistance for Marine Engineers

BC Ferries
Assessment - First & Chief Engineers

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These question were likely to be encountered in an "in-house" assessment for the position of Chief Engineer or First Engineer circa 2000, with the British Columbia Ferry Corporation. The question are a mixture of written, oral, and acting.

These are probably no longer applicable and are presented here as reference. - Martin


1) What is a docking plan?

2) For which kind of operation during the dry-dock you need to ask permission.

3) Give five checks to the rudder while in dry dock.

4) Five check to shaft while in dry dock.

5) Five check to hull while in dry dock

6) Five checks to a CP propeller while in dry dock.

7) Five checks to fittings and valves markings.

8) You are proceeding to dry dock, what do you prepare.

9) Two checks before flooding dock

10) What are you looking for in a crank case inspection?

11) Failure that you can find during a cylinder head inspection

12) Describe the operation of a crankshaft deflection

13) Safety during overhauling of a cylinder head at refit

14) Whom would you consult for information about oil spill regulation?

15) Where would you find this information?

16) Operation for waste oil and used filters disposal

17) Who is responsible for the MSD tags on hazards material containers?

18) Procedure for entry in a quick hatch door, confined space?

19) Who issues a gas free certificate? A marine chemist (a qualified person.)

20) When does a certificate expire?

21) A tank is gas free and it has been painted with epoxy paint in the evening, the following day it�s necessary to re entry for an inspection. What do you do?

22) The ship is on day light navigation and the following defects come in list your priorities


1) Bridge telephone doe not work


2) Anchor capstan fails


3) Fuel purifier fault


4) Potable fresh water pump lost suction


5) M/E alarm panel fault


6) S/W leak sprays water all over engine room


7) Navigation light panel fault

23) Chose a dial gauge for multi use and write to your SR C/E a note explaining your reasons for the this model and possible options

24) Five external hull inspections while in dry dock

25) Fire alarm with C/E out of engine room steps you would take.

26) Fire on car deck above engine room describe your actions you would take

27) Following alarms come in one list your priorities


1) Hi bilge level in tunnel (shaft alley was pumped recently)


2) Hi exhaust on main engine


3) Major oil leak on generator


4) Low water level alarm on boiler


5) Head plugged in wheelhouse


6) Toaster in galley not working


7) Both air compressors running continually

28) Code F what does it mean and what steps do you take.

30) Fuel spill on open car deck what steps do you take

31) S C/E asks for Eng. overhaul for refit what do you do

32) ORAL- Steps you would take if personnel sends down two new hires are sent down to clean the M/E double L/O sump tanks.

34) ORAL- you receive L/O sample data and it shows high carbon in main engine . List steps you would take.

35) ORAL - Oiler leaves purifier flat in extreme mess at end of watch and walks off indicating he has had enough. He yells at on coming watch and leaves. This is your first day on the job. What steps would you take as C/E.

36) ORAL - Roll play. On engine room control . The second engineer is out of the engine room on maintenance which has taken longer than thought. Third engineer is sorting spares in the tool room. Bridge calls down stand by for arrival, later Capt calls he can not get the bow thruster started and there are high winds. The Oiler comes into control room very concerned on of the generators is leaking large amounts of oil.

37) You are a C/E at refit It is 14 20 and crew change is at 15 00. The refit is running behind schedule The following items happens. List your priorities:

1) C/E on PM shift call in sick

2) Oiler drops governor and crack housing(4 repair, replace ASAP)

3) Out side contractors for heating system wants work order signed off

4)Welders want fire watch

5) You require three piston liners ASAP

6) You have a meeting with the Eng. Manager at 15 30 regarding a discipline to an employee

7) Hull maintenance needs work order checked off

8) CCG call boiler requires treatment

38) How long would you wait until returning to the engine room after the CO 2 was released? What steps would you take?

39) ORAL - What inspections are carried out for the SIC 16 annual inspection?

40) ORAL - On night shift 03 00 you are tied up and when doing your rounds you hear s scraping sound coming from the generator what steps would you take? After checking you find a scraped liner what would you do.

41) ORAL - One mile from Active pass . Engine room just went to stand by Engine alarm shows high L/O temp Stbd M/E what would you do? - Engine alarm now shows low L/O pressure on Stbd M/E. what would you do? -After wards Oiler informs you that he adjusted the bypass valve on cooler explain what you would do as C/E and why.

42) ORAL - it is reported to you that the #7 watch 1st engineer and his crew are sleeping on night shifts. The defects and maintenance routines for this watch are not up to date. Please explain what you would do as the Sr C/E. The problem has not changed and it is reported to you again that this crew is sleeping on watch. The other watches are tired of picking up after this watch. Would your answer be the same if the maintenance and routines were up to date.?

43) ORAL - Given an sketch on the fuel system of a V-class vessel explain how you would get fuel to the boilers to supply heat as the temperature is dropping. The day tank and settlers are both opened for cleaning and the purifiers are both stripped down for survey.

43) ORAL - Given a sketch of the CO 2 system explain its operation.

44) Describe what safety precautions you would take to remove a cylinder head on the run for both the main and auxiliary engines.

45) What information is required on a oil spill report.

46) Describe the complete survey of a heating boiler. Start with both boilers on line and end with that way.
What safety precautions would you take? How often must this survey be done?
What is the operating pressures?
What is an accumulation test on a safety valve?
What precautions are required for lock out.

47) Given a PMC pneumatic drawing of a �V� Class ship. As Chief Engineer explain what you would look for in the way of valves you would check if control could not be transferred to the W/H from the E/R. And Why.

48) You are the C/E and your vessel is about to be lowered off the blocks. As flooding begins the following occur please list your priorities.

1) Your radio dies and you do not have any replacement batteries. Radio supplied from the ship yard.

2) Some garbage containers must be shifted aft for the crane to be removed

3) The 3 rd Eng. informs you he has stripped the threads on the bleed screw of the fuel housing on the Emerg Gen.

4) A ship yard worker wants you to personally inspect the Doppler log isolation valve.

5) The ship yard electricians are wanting you to go on to ships power.

6) The Engineering Manager indicated he has not received final under water measurements weardown, you are know unsure if these were ever taken.

7) The low fuel alarm is sounding for the day tanks, and both purifiers are in pieces on the deck.

8) High Bilge level

9) The Master wants a steering check

49) When a vessel is first out of water at dry dock what do you inspect and do.

50) On dry dock what would you do on a rudder inspection? If the rudder were to show signs of erosion where would you expect to see it? Give two methods of repairs for this erosion.

51) If you get high bilge level at Deas Dock what would you do? Explain what paper work is required.

52) You are the C/E and are preparing vessel for refit: write a memo to Eng Manager requesting spares based on following information. Port and Stbd main engines are 8 cylinders and port has build up pistons 7 liners with oil holes and 1 with oil groves The Stbd has aluminum pistons 5 liners which have oil holes and 3 which have oil groves. Based on the makers information order up spares for a re-ring of the engine.

53) Five things need on a oil spill report form

54) Where would you find this information?

55) How much wear down on a 10 inch shaft before it requires repairs?

56) Three methods of taking tail shaft wear down measurements.

57) Explain what inspection you would make on the anchor during refit?

58) It is the twenty of the month and your turbo bearings have failed. on one of your generators The cost for replacement Is $10,000. There are none available through stores. Out side suppliers have them in stock. Your budget is $30,000 for the month and you have spent $27.000 For this month. Explain your steps.

59) What is the interval between dry dockings

60) What is the interval between boiler inspections and surveys

62) What does HEPA stand for

63) What is a HEPA vacuum used for?

64) What is the procedure in dealing with waste oil , oil filters and bilge sludge removal. Waste oil disposed by means of pumping off to a tanker truck which is ordered through Eng. manager and terminal manager.

65) How often is lifting gear tested?

66) What is a SIC 41 and how often it renewed?

67) Name seven items which ar on a electrical survey

68) How do you determine the training that your crew would need?

69) Name the forms that are required to be filled in at work for a injury.

70) M/E requiring overhaul at refit and you are in charge. Explain how you would carry out this work before during and after as successful completion?

71) What determines the renewal of a cutlass beating?

72) How often is a dry docking carried out?

73) What should be the working relationship between the C/E and the Master?

74) You are to leave from home in the morning shift, and you are informed of a oil spill has occurred on the ship. How do you handle this situation from home and on arrival at the ship?

75) What hull inspections do you carry out after arrival at the dry dock?

76) An asbestos spill has occurred on the ship, how do you handle this situation?

77) You are the C/E and in the control room. The ship is in Active pass. The ERA comes into the control room in a very excited state. He says there is fuel spraying all over the starboard engine. You investigate and see that on fuel pump is spraying fuel in all directions. AS you return to the E/R control room it ignites. What do you do? Carry this out to abandon ship.

78) You are the C/E on watch when the vessel runs aground, What steps do you take.

79) You are at refit as Sr C/E and on top side rounds. You see a out side contractor working on replacing a lounge window. You do not remember see his name on or company on the permit to work sheet or recall signing him in. You notice the cladding around the window looks like asbestos what do you do.

80) Your ship is going into refit at dry dock. For some time the deck dept has had trouble opening the bow doors. they stick and must be pried open. Each door is supported with four hinges and a four inch shaft. there is a thrust incorporated into each bottom bearing. The bearing are4 constructed in such a manner that they can be shimmed. the doors weigh two tones each.

81) You are the Sr C/E at dry dock and have opened the chain locker for survey. It was found that the grating are wasted and that the bottom need replacing. What do you do?

82)You are reviewing the lube oil analysis for the port main engine. The sodium level has been increasing over the last several months. At the same time the TBM has been decreasing faster than any other engine.


1) what does this indicate


2) What should be done?


3) Where is the sodium coming from?

83) You are the at refit at Deas Dock. The Stbd main engine is stripped down. Your ship is due to go on the run in a week. The machine shop has just finished the last of the piston work and plan to start on the first liner in 2-3 days. What steps do you take ? You are in dry dock and have your shaft removed for survey. The ship uyard has discovered that the fiberglass coating on it has failed and some corrosion has taken place. What steps do you take?

84) Your ship is going in to refit in one month. What preparations are required

85) Your ship is going into refit. Assume you have four crews and three weeks to complete the following jobs among others at refit.
Port main - 'C' class
Stard Turbo
#3 Generator
Both setting tanks
#1 #2 #3c #4 void tanks
A new bussing station
All bilge valves
The forward boiler is to be opened for survey

86) What would you do it you discover there was on time to complete every task on the list with the resources available? Budget

87) Your main engines are consuming 24 lube oil filters per week. There are eight elements in the canister. It takes two people an hour and a half to change the filters and clean up. Given the following facts write a short business case for replacing the one filter on each engine with an automatic self cleaning filter pack for each of the two main engines. Include the pay back time.
Labour cost $ 40.00 hr
Filter elements $ 6.00 each
Auto self cleaning filter $ 20,000 installed
Filter disposal costs $ 75 / 48 filters
100 liters per change $ 1.00 / liter

88) You get a monthly report on expenditures for your vessel. It shows several costs you do not recognize. What should you do?

89) You have just been appointed to a new vessel. Your Eng manager calls and requests your input on budget for the up coming refit. He requests this information with in a week. How do you proceed to ensure an accurate report is submitted?

90) You are the Sr C/E returning from days off . During your absence there was a fire in the waste heat boiler stack. Explain hoe you would find out what happened. how would you follow this up.

91) You are the Sr C/E of a ship that has recently ran aground due to a control problem while you were on days off . Explain how you would get to the bottom of what happened and how you would prevent this from happening again.

92) Explain how you would determine the cause of a crank case explosion. What would you do to prevent a recurrence?

93) ORALS - You are Sr C/E and planning a refit in two weeks. Part of this plan is selecting the crew. You have been asked by a 1st Eng if he can go. He has never been to refit and is well know to be argumentative and cause problems. You tell him you have already selected a crew and his name was not on the list. he get up set and says he will grieve it. How do you handle this situation.

Role play.

1st You�ve taken the same crew to refit each year. Hoe do you expect the staffing pool Engineers to gain any experience if they never get to go to refit?
1st But I need the experience to get promoted.
1st I think you just want your blue eyed boys to go each year and nobody else. Everybody knows about your favorites.
Give examples how you have created a cooperative working environment in the past aboard your ship.

94) ORALS- You are at refit and the only recently been appointed Sr C/E. A transport inspector has arrived with a list of equipment he wants to see opened. Yesterday class was aboard and wanted to see many of the same items. Some of these were not due on your list but were going to be looked at next year. What do you do.

95) You are the Sr C/E of a large vessel. When you get to work you find an extra third engineer who you do not know and have never seen before. While you introduce your self to him you discover he has been sent down to your ship for two days familiarization. On the third day he is to take over the watch. What do you do.

96) You have left clear instruction many times that rags are not to be left under oil tanks. These include posted notices and comments in the engineers WERMS. You are convinced that everybody had seen and is aware of these notices. In spite of this you return from days off and find that somebody has gone to a lot of work to put absorbent pads under ever pump and oil cooler in the E/R. What do you do.

97) You are the Sr C/E and the 1st Eng comes to you with your appraisal for final signing. It has already been signed by on eof the other C/E. The 1st feel it is a unfair evaluation. and that the C/E is having a personality conflict. How do you handle the situation?

98) You are the Sr C/E on the morning shift. You come aboard the vessel and discover the fuel truck was turned away last night because there were not enough crew to take fuel aboard and comply with the regulations. This caused a large expense to be charged to your ship because no other ship could take the fuel at you terminal.
You discover there had been a full crew at the start of the watch, However the 1st sent the 3rd home in a taxi because he admitted to be under the influence of alcohol. How do you handle the situation.

99) During a fire drill you carried out yesterday you realized that the 3rd Eng seemed to be nervous and unsure of him self. While he was able to carry out most of his duties correctly you were not really pleased with his performance. How would you ensure he was ready if his fie fighting skills were really needed?

100) You decide that this 3rd and others would benefit from more MED training. What would you do?

101) How do you ensure that new people are competent to work aboard your vessel. Give examples.

102) Explain the proper process for removing the propeller shafting of a vessel that just entered dry dock. The shafting of this vessel in question must come out board. The propeller is of a fixed pitch design. Use point form for your answer.

103) Your vessel is in ship yard. There are installing a new piping system. You see a pipe fitter installing a valve that does not meet the specifications. (ie it is a gate valve where the spec call for a gate valve). What do you do?

104)You are still in dry dock. The steel fitter foreman comes to you and tells you their reading indicate that far more steel than expected need to be replaced on the car deck. When you check into the extra cost it could run
$150,000 to the cost of the refit. What do you do.

105)As Sr C/E you must have a good understanding of certificates that are on your vessel.
For the following ones indicate what they are, how long issued for and, how long are they valid.
(not shown)

106)Certain items of machine are required for the smooth operation of the ship and comfort of the passengers. Some items are treated as priority and receive same day service. what are these name two.

107)You have written the spec for refit that requires entry into a deep void. The Void is to be cleaned out and painted. What is required?

108)You are considering moving a pillar aboard your vessel. It is in the way of the passengers in the caf�. They must maneuver around it with hot food trays. It has bees seen many passenger have hit the pillar and spilled hot food burning them selves.
Who do see about the plan to have it moved

109) Your vessel is about to under go an audit for ISM. How do you ensure the vessel is in compliance

110) How do you ensure that your vessel meets all necessary criteria for any oil spill contingency.

111) Describe the method for sending a barrel of oil filters ashore.

112) The Corp has laid out it policy in regards to oil spills and hazards waste. Where would you find this information?

113) You have found errors in the Corp policy procedure, how would you go about getting it corrected?

114) What forms are required to be given to the ship yard before docking? Explain what these forms are for.

115) What items do you check when doing a dry docking?

116) Transport Canada wants a save all made for the fuel station, What procedure is required to timely completion of same. Write a memo on the above to the eng manager office.

117) Ship requires a new fuel purifier select on of three and explain your choice.

118) Your ship is in refit. You have two days before you are due to leave and go on the run. The following defects are still outstanding. Explain your priorities

119) Explain what steps regarding shaft bearing over heating.

1) Your ship is staring a refit at your home terminal, when testing the sprinkler lines you find a number of heads are not spraying. Looking into the problem more you find the pipes blocked with mud. Out line what steps you would take to repair this problem.
Once into the job you see the smaller pipe has to be replaced due to corrosion. Deas fitters are unable to give any assistance explain your steps to ensuring the job is completed
What can you do to prevent this from reoccurring?

2) Prepare a budget for your ship for the labor for refit.- 29 day refit


Monday Nov 1 � Monday Nov 29


Labor costs average straight time $35.00 hr


Over time average $70.00 hr


Penalty pay $8.00 hr


Hotel costs average $75.00 day / person


Meals $40.00 day /person


Your crew is comprised of SR C/E two C/E two First Two thirds two ERA


Extra crew is available if required.


Prepare your budget and out line all costs


Items for refit


One complete main engine for survey


#1 SSG complete for survey


# 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Voids


Port and stbd fuel settling tank, #5 centre DB fuel tank, Stbd fuel day tank
Boiler inspection complete


CIS inspection SIC 16


Bussing station in galley to be replaced


Out line how you would schedule the refit to be most cost effective.

3) Your ship is preparing for its annual five-year dry docking, list all items you would expect to see on the list?
to be carried out below the waterline.

4) The Cooper bearing on your ship is making a clicking sound. You check your inventory and see there is listed a spare on board. You leave instructions for the night shift to exchange the bearing. The night shift opens up and finds the bearing is damaged. The night shift finds that the spare is not complete and is a used bearing. The Erg manager is contacted and approves one it to be shipped out from Deas. The nigh shift completes the exchanger but the ship sails forty minutes late on its first sailing. Write a memo to your local Eng. manager explaining the reason the ship is late.

5) Your ship is going into dry dock list the items for survey inspection of the anchor, anchor chain, chain locker and windlass.

6) An employee has been injured at work, list the forms required to be filled out, the person responsible in filing out the forms, and the time frame for the forms to be filled in.

7) Your ship is going in for dry-docking, and inspection of its bow props. List what inspection to carry out.

8) While at dry dock what inspections are preformed on the rudder. What do you look for on the rudder stock?

9) While at dry dock a small area of paint is damaged, what steps do you take to have it repaired.

10) A CCP propeller is leaking oil a diver has been called to inspect the hub. What precautions do you take before the diver enters the water?

11) List the three classes of oil spills

12) A small asbestos spill has happened on the ship, explain what steps you would take in dealing with this spill.

13) A chemical supplier has come aboard your ship and has a sample of his product he would like you to try. Your local Eng. manager has OK his visit and is interested in your feed back on this product. What steps do you take in introducing this product on board?

14) A BC Environmental officer has come on board your ship and wants to take a sample of your sewage plant discharge. Are you obliged to give him a sample?

15) Oil filters and rags are to be sent ashore. What is the procedure in sending these waste off loaded from your ship.

16) Part of SR C/E duties is making up drills. What should be contained in safety, fire and boat drills? Describe an engine room fire drill and carry it through to evacuation of the engine room

17) Your ship is going into dry-dock for inspection of its tail shaft explain what precautions procedures and inspections you would make on the tail shaft?

18) Where would you find the information on the Corp commitment to the environment??


1) As C/E you arrive for morning shift and the grave yard has indicated to you that they had to adjust the inlet valves again on the main engine. Looking into the situation the inlet valve clearance has been decreasing for a period of time. What do you do? After the manufacture indicated the engine was to run on heavy oil. They suggest a oil injection system to be added to the air inlet of the engine if it is to be run on light fuel. What steps do you take for this.

2) As a new Sr C/E appointed to a new ship explain how you would prepare scheduled maintenance routine sheets for the various machinery aboard the vessel.

3) Given a drawing of a CPP system explain its various parts and its operation.

4) Given a vibration report on a horizontally driven pump and motor explain how to read this information. Explain what you would do with this information.

5) Your ship is at refit and you have the following items up for survey, and refit items


-PME turbo chargers


-Both boilers


-SME complete


-Port SSG


-#1 #2 fuel tanks


-#8 #9 #10 Void tanks


-Bilge valves


-New pizza ovens in the upper caf�

6)What items are required for a SIC - 16

1) A sea water pipe has started to leak, spraying water over the air compressor. Please outline what steps you would take to correct this situation.

2) The ERA has slipped into the bilge, it appears he is unconscious. Please outline you procedure in getting him out..

3) What are the signs of a cooper bearing failure?

4) Exhaust temp is increasing on engine. First only on one cylinder than on all cylinders. What could this indicate and what steps do you take to correct this problem?

5) There is a loud knocking sound coming from the M/E. Please you take to identifying the source of the noise, and how to correct the problem.

6) What information is found on the MSD sheets?

7) An electrician need to penetrate a bulkhead and fit a gland in order to run some electrical wire. What are your concurs in having this work done?

8) A electrical motor has been returned from Deas having been sent out due to continually over heating and tripping off. It was fitted to the pump and again the same problem is happening. What would you look for to solve this reoccurring problem. Check amp draw on motor with that of pump requirements.

9) List seven confined space entry concerns.

10) Given a drawing of a oil filled stern tube system. Indicate where you would fit a drain valve.

11) An employees performance is slipping. This employee�s performance has gone from very good to a employee with a don�t care attitude. Pleas outline how you would deal with this problem.

12) A chemical drum is on the MCD, and has to be moved to the E/R. Please outline any safety concerns you would have in moving this product.

13) A employee shows up and appeasers to be under the inelegance of alcohol. AS the supervisor what steps do you take?


1) As the SR Chief Engineer, the bridge calls down indicating they have lost steerage. Please indicate what actions you would take. Advise. It is determined that the telemotor is leaking please indicate how you would regain steerage.

2) You are the Sr C/E of a vessel having completed the summer on a vessel which has had a history of problems with the heating and air conditioning system.. The boilers supply steam to the coils and ac coils can have either chilled or JW from the M/E. Please indicate how you would ensure it is prepared for the winter?

3) What is a SIC 16? There are regular safety drill please list 10 which the crew is required to be proficient in.

4)As a new Sr C/E you have left instructions for the GY crew to do a 2000 hr on one of the SSG. When you arrive the next morning the AM first tells you the SSG fuel and lube oil filters are leaking along with both the crankcase doors and valve covers. He tells you the area is a mess and both the lube and fuel filters are in the garbage cans. How would handle this situation. What information is on a manifest?

1) The Eng manager wants to get information on changing the cooling system on your ship. He is interested in your ideas. The idea of having a central cooling system is placed in your hands to investigate and report back to him. What do you look for in order to do this change.

2)You are at Deas and you get a call from the afternoon crew that during the test run of the main engine they may have wiped a main bearing. Out line what procedure you would under take.3) Write a letter to your Engine Manager regarding a fire which started in the Galley dish washer and caused the ship to be delayed. Out line your finding and suggestions.

4) Explain what you would do to prepare for the years operating budget for the next year.


1) Your ship is at refit and the steel fitter come to see you he has found more work than estimated on his work order he wants you to come and inspect the area. It amounts to an additional $50000. What steps do you take? How would you prevent this from happening?

2) You at the shipyard and an extra has come into your office, The work is estimated at $25000, you have Ok this work . Write a letter to your superintendent explaining the extra costs.

3) The first Engineer has been injured at work. He was changing an injector and exhaust valve with the third eng. In doing the work a small amount of fuel leaked out of the fuel rail. The third wiped this up with a rag and dropped it onto the deck. The first when returning to the tool room stepped onto the rags and slipped going down the stairs missing the last three steps. He bruised his arm and had it started to swell. He saw the first aid attendant aboard the ship who suggested he have an x-ray for his elbow. You arrange transport to the hospital


A) There are now a number of forms, which must be filled in what are these forms?


B) What is the name of the form, which the employer need to fill in and what is the time frame this form must be filled in by?


C) You are given two forms WCB 7 and SAIR Please indicate where these forms are to be sent and what time frame they are to be sent in by. Please fill in both if the forms, with the information given above.

4) The sea water supply to the port reduction gear box cooler failed causing the unit to over heat and having to shut down the port propulsion shaft. The sea water supply line fractured allowing a large amount of sea water to enter the bilges. Write a letter to your superintendent out lining the action you would take to resolve this problem.

5) Your ship is going into refit in a month and a refit meeting has been arranged what is the purpose of this meeting. Who would you see at this meeting? -What is the purpose of the Project planer? -What is the purpose of the refit coordinator? -As the Sr C/E what are your deities and responsibility while at refit.

6) While at refit there are a number of bilge totes on the car deck these are to sent ashore how is this handled, what forms are required to be filled in. who arranges for their removal. While the totes were being filled the crew were distracted and there was a spill from the top of one of the totes. This spilled onto the car deck and a small amount went into Deas Basin. What steps are required by you self.

7) Given information on a semi spade rudder showing where it cracked write in your own words explaining what finding and solutions you found. What steps would you take if this style of rudder was aboard your ship? If your ship was at Dry Dock how would determine if you have a similar problem? You are proceeding to dry dock, what do you prepare. Your ship is going in to refit in one month. What preparations are required


1) You are the Sr C/E and the 1st Eng comes to you with your appraisal for final signing. It has already been signed by one of the other C/E. The 1st feel it is a unfair evaluation. and that the C/E is having a personality conflict. How do you handle the situation?

2) You are a new assigned SCE on the vessel. How do you ensure that new people are competent to work aboard your vessel. Give examples.

3) There will be a fire drill due to external audit in one week. How are you ensured that it would be carried out properly? Part of SR C/E duties is making up drills. What should be contained in safety, fire and boat drills? Describe an engine room fire drill and carry it through to evacuation of the engine room?

4) Given a drawing of a CPP system explain its various parts and its operation and how do dismantle the CPP hub How to remove the control rod. (sketch of KaMeWa from Read�s)

5) You are out of engine room in your cabin. The vessel is under full away. 1st eng contacted to you by phone there is a loud knocking sound coming from the M/E. What is your response, and how to correct the problem. What are you looking for in a crank case inspection?

6)Chief Steward gave you a NOD that Health Inspector shut down the equipment in the cafeteria of a great revenue for corporation due to a bad smell. The source of smell is not accessible to. What is your action to recover this problem?

7) New Ch. Engineer is going to dry dock with you. He is inexperienced. What duties can you assign for him and how would you handle this? New CE made an inspection with Dock Master and reported to you that there is nothing wrong except fouling of the hull. After your own inspection you discovered that Doppler log is located exactly on keel block. What is your action?
You receive a call from the ship yard, While they were reassembling the hub they are short two o rings. You were able to get these from a sister ship. You had given the task of inspection and checking to ensure all the required parts were on site. This was done by the new C/E. When you questioned him he indicated he did not check each item only went by what was checked off on the stores list. Please indicate what action you would take.

8)The megger test is taken on Auxiliary generator and reading is less then 100 KOm. What is you action? What would cause this

9)Articulating ramp on a platform deck has a rope wire severely damaged. There is no access to that wire, it is closed with some covers. Cars are still on the ramp and the vessel under way. What would you do in this situation?

10)The Third Eng, has been late to the watch second time in a cycle, but the new CE doesn�t know this situation. How would you proceed with this?

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