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Cruise ship Disney Wonder leaving Vancouver for Alaska. June 2022, picture by Martin Leduc

The Ship's Library

In addition to the Ship's Library content, below, you may be interested in more resources on other areas of the site, such as...

The Monitor - Our blog area
Since July 2012, over 600 blog entries have been made there, discussing various matters involving marine engineering topics.

Marine Engineering: A maturing career
Martin's musing about his career in Marine Engineering, and the challenges it presents

The Historical Perspective
Marine Engineering documents with a primarily historical perspective such as books and drawing can be found here.

The Machinery Page
A good deal of technical article and documents describe onboard machinery and processes.

On The Job series
Margaret Boyes introduces us to various people in the maritime industry, who share with us a glimpse of their passion, and how they achieve the position they are in now.

The Advocate series
Maritime Lawyer Darren Williams offers us legal insight into various marine engineering and general seafaring topics.

The Screening Room
Seafaring Films and miscellaneous maritime related videos are available in the Screening Room.

Bibliography Page
This area offers a partial list of references for Martin's Marine Engineering Page

CCGS Gordon Reid gyro repeaterArticles (originals - more on the blog)

MV Oceanex AvalonExam Questions and other license help

Vision of the Seas funnelRegulatory Information



These reports and papers are already in the public domain, sometimes hard to find, but certainly interesting. They are in Adobe .pdf format. Download the free Acrobat Reader program. If you have a report not listed here, and want to share, send it to us for posting.

Environmental and Security Issues

BC Offshore Oil

Drydock keep blocksIndustry Information and Statistics

Government and Agencies' Policies

CSL Birchglen's Engine roomAccident reports of Interest

Inspecting exhaust gas economizerHuman Resources

Interesting papers

On the web - Interesting reading

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