On the job

Real world people working on the water

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Ever wonder what makes the maritime world tick? Who are those people making it tick?

In this feature, Margaret Boyes sits down with the people behind the scenes in the marine industry in British Columbia, and introduces us to their work on or near the water. Come along and get acquainted with the many professionals that make up the maritime community.

Margaret Boyes is a Victoria, BC based copywriter. She writes sales letters, direct marketing packages, e-mails, landing pages, web pages, brochures, sell sheets, case studies, newsletters and other communications that get leads and make sales. Visit her website for more information.

Date   Title and Synopsis
Oct 2008   Ken Schmidt, Skipper, SMIT Harbour Towage
After more than 40 years in the marine industry, Ken Schmidt is a tug skipper with a tremendous depth of experience. (read more)
Aug 2008   Ron Stevenson, Skipper, Marine Link Transportation
Ron Stevenson is captain of the Aurora Explorer, a 132-foot landing craft owned by Marine Link Transportation. (read more)
July 2008   Robert Duncan, Director of Marketing, Weiwaikum Cruise Ship Terminal
Robert Duncan was recently appointed director of marketing for Campbell River's newly-constructed Weiwaikum Cruise Ship terminal... (read more)
June 2008   Lieutenant Commander Angus Topshee, Executive Officer, HMCS Toronto
As the executive officer aboard HMCS Toronto, Lieutenant Commander Angus Topshee wears many hats — his job includes acting as a hotel manager, taking care of administrative duties, and being a training officer and a diplomat. (read more)
May 2008   David LoVine, Shantyman, S.V. Lady Washington
David LoVine is a well-known shantyman on North America’s west coast, an enthralling performer who writes and sings shanties about life aboard tall ships. (read more)
March 2008   Byron Dawe, President, Rutter Technologies Inc.
Byron Dawe has worked in the marine industry since graduating from university with a degree in engineering. (read more)
Feb 2008   Andy Farmer, Fleet Maintenance Superintendent, Island Tug and Barge Ltd.
After 18 years working as fleet maintenance superintendent for Island Tug and Barge, Andy Farmer can confidently say that there is no job he’d rather do. (read more)
Jan 2008   Jim Scancella, Master, Clipper Navigation
Jim Scancella has been master on the Victoria Clipper for 20 years. As a teenager he shipped on the Great Lakes, and has worked in the marine industry ever since, over 30 years. (read more)
Brought to you by www.dieselduck.net, comments to webmaster@dieselduck.net