Martin Leduc - Licensed Marine Engineer

Over 25+ years of experience in a professional Marine Engineering capacity, serving on various types of commercial vessels, with propulsion power rating ranging from 500 kW, to 57,600 kW. Primary experience gained as Chief Engineer (C/E) and Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW), on large tugs, technically complex passenger ships, and other specialized vessels, operating in various locations around the world. Supervised and carried out scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance, alterations, repairs, and dry-dockings; carried out supervisory and watch-keeping duties. Established an exemplary safety record throughout.


Rank Ship GT Engine Make Total Power

Island Tug and Barge, Burnaby, BC, 08.2018 - current

My autonomy and adaptibility were quickly utilized on the company's major tugs carrying out numerous types of fuel barge operations in Canada and the US. While my troubleshooting, documenting and training skills were utilized in the commissioning of the company's newest vessels, the Island Raider and Island Regent.

Island Tug & Barge (ITB) has deep historical roots in the Pacific Northwest. It is a dominant operator in the transportation of clean petroleum products in specialize barges for numerous oil majors. We operate all over the British Columbia coast, but also into Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the Canadian arctic. In addition, ITB is involved in the subsea market - surveys and cable laying operations.

C/E MV Island Monarch   EMD 2,274 kW
C/E MV Island Tugger   EMD 2,274 kW
C/E MV Island Regent   Cummins 1,268 kW
C/E MV Island Raider   Cummins 1,268 kW
C/E MV Point Valiant   Mitsubishi 3,020 kW


BC Ferries, Alert Bay, BC, 02.2018 - 08.2018

With tight schedules and impressive policy and regulatory requirements, this work in a small coastal community was a great experience. BC Ferries is synonymous on the BC coast with its iconic ships connecting coastal communities, providing the backbone of our BC coastal culture.

C/E MV Quadra Queen   Caterpillar 1,230 kW
1st Ass. MV Bowen Queen   Caterpillar 2,683 kW


Groupe Ocean, Quebec City, Quebec, 04.2015 - 12.2017

Ocean Traverse Nord is an innovative dredge with a very busy schedule, working year round completing projects in Canada and internationally. Various skills were brought to bear on these projects which required strong planning and technical skills to sustain productive autonomy. 

Groupe Ocean is a diversified but integrated marine company based in Quebec City. Mainly recognized for the extensive fleet of modern ship berthing tugs, they also operate dredges, shipyards, construction, etc, in Central, Eastern, and Northern Canada.

C/E MV Ocean Traverse Nord 1165 Caterpillar 1840 kW

McKeil Marine, Hamilton, Ontario, 04.2013 - 03.2015

I was assigned as Chief Engineer to various tugs and projects, requiring a wide range of skills and a high degree of adaptability. From dry-dock and refit in the United Arab Emirates, to ship docking in Canada's high north, all required a great deal of autonomy and resourcefulness.

McKeil Marine is a privately owned, family operated tug and barge company with diverse operations in central, eastern, and northen Canada, inoperationsincethelate1950's. The company prides itself on delivering innovative marine solutions.

C/E MV Tony Mackay 373 Ruston 12C5VM 1969 kW
C/E MV Sharon M I 450 Niigata 6L28HX 2983 kW
C/E MV Leonard M 489 Ruston 6RK270 3132 kW
C/E MV Beverly M I 450 Niigata 6L28HX 2983 kW
C/E MV Evans McKeil   EMD 16V645 1491 kW
C/E MV Wyatt M   Detroit Diesel Series 149 1081 kW

Pacific Typhoon now Beverly M I The Leonard M working the great lakes The Beverly M I in Deception Bay Evans McKeil Evans McKeil's EMD main engine


VShips Canada (agents for K Sea Canada), Montreal, Quebec 11.2008 - 02.2013

Responsible for all of the mechanical reliability and efficiency side of the this aging but productive Articulate Tug and Barge (ATB) unit's operations, for managers VShips, on behalf of New Jersey based, K Sea Transportation.

K Sea was one of the world's largest operators of coastwise articulated tug and tank barge units, transporting refined petroleum products for a variety of customers, including oil majors, in most North American markets.

C/E MV William J. Moore 563 EMD 16V645 2909 kW
  McCleary's Spirit 6,888 Tank barge (non propelled) N/A


Smit Marine Canada,Vancouver, BC, 03.2007 - 10.2008

Serving in the seagoing capacity of Chief Engineer and First Engineer onboard various coastal tugs with Vancouver based SMIT Marine Canada.

SMIT was synonymous worldwide with successfully carrying out expansive and complex high seas salvage operations, and its extensive fleet of high powered modern harbour tugs, operating in a litany of world ports.

In Canada, SMIT acquired the assets of Rivtow in the early 2000's, at one time, one of the region's largest employers and a dominating force in the West Coast's maritime industry. Aside from harbour tug operations in BC ports, SMIT Marine Canada is involved in moving a variety of forest products, operating the world's largest self loading, self dumping log barge the SMIT Hercules.

1st Eng. MV Rivtow Capt. Bob 975 EMD 16V645 4579 kW
C/E MV Storm Coaster 102 Detroit Diesel 8V149 1081 kW
C/E MV Rivtow Princess 182 Cummins KTA38 1268 kW


Royal Caribbean International, Miami, Florida, 06.2004 - 09.2006

Served on board both, the Rhapsody of the Seas, and the Vision of the Seas, operating in Caribbean and Alaskan waters. In the capacity of Second Engineer, an extensive skill set was successfully brought to bear for this pivotal operations role, in a complex technical environment. An all around personal and professionally satisfying experience.

RCI is the parent company of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, a leading and innovative operator of modern passenger vessels throughout the world.

2nd Eng. MV Rhapsody of the Seas 78,491 Wartsila 12V46  57,500 kW
2nd Eng. MV Vision of the Seas 78,491 Wartsila 12V46  57,500 kW


Disney Cruise Lines, Orlando, Florida, 04.2003 - 06.2004

As Fourth Engineer on board both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, I gained tremendous technical experience, due to the complex nature of the vessel's systems and my position's "feet on the deck" (sometimes, below) requirements.

DCL is the maritime arm of worldwide entertainment giant Walt Disney Company, and at the time, was made up two ships, but world renowned for exceeding guest expectations.

4th Eng. MV Disney Wonder 83,338 Sulzer 16ZAV40S  57,633 kW
4th Eng. MV Disney Magic 83,338 Sulzer 16ZAV40S  57,633 kW


Canadian Coast Guard, Victoria, BC, 1999 - 2007

Started as Rating in 1999, then in 2001 took a position as Engineering Officer, working up to Second Engineer on major vessels, and Chief Engineer on Minor vessels in the Pacific Region.

The Canadian Coast Guard is the civilian branch of the maritime services of the government of Canada. The diverse fleet caries out a multitude of services in support of Canada's maritime and sovereign duties such as search and rescue, scientific research, maintenance to aids to navigation, hydro graphic services to name a few.

09.2006 - 01.2007

C/E CCGC Cape Ann 34 Caterpillar 3196 672 kW
1st Eng. CCGS Gordon Reid 880 Deutz MWM 6BVM 3581 kW

2001 - 2003

2nd Eng. CCGS Tanu 753 Fairbanks Morse 1895 kW
3rd Eng. CCGS Bartlett 1317 Mirrlees National 1544 kW
Chief CCGS Sooke Post 59 Detroit Diesel 592 kW

1999 - 2001

ERA CCGS Tanu 753 Fairbanks Morse 1895 kW
ERA CCGS Wilfrid Laurier 3812 Alco - diesel electric 6600 kW
ERA CCGS Gordon Reid 880 Deutz MWM 3581 kW
ERA CCGS Narwhal 2094 Ruston 2164 kW
ERA CCGS Tsekoa II 160 Caterpillar 495kW


Marine Engineer Apprentice

Marine Branch, BC Ministry of Transport, Victoria, BC, 1996- 1999

Successfully completed the practical portion of a formal Marine Engineering Apprenticeship program on board various ferry vessels, operating throughout the province of British Columbia, as part of the transportation infrastructure.

As ship's crew involved in all safety, engine room, and ship procedures and operations, it was my goal to absorb as much professional experience as possible.

On the theoretical side, completed at BCIT's Marine Campus in North Vancouver, a 91% average (for school marks) was achieved, over the duration of the three year program, one of the highest marks in the class.

ME App MV Omineca Princess 705 Caterpillar 843 kW
ME App DEV Galena 388 Detroit - diesel electric 896 kW
ME App MV Anscomb 757 Caterpillar 716 kW
ME App MV Balfour 510 Caterpillar / Detroit 695 kW


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Related Engineering Experience

2st Engineer, Canada Steamship Line (VShip Canada - Managers) 12.2012-02.2013
MV CSL Frontenac
17,808 GT, Self Unloading Bulker
Sulzer 6RD-76,
6637 kW
1st Engineer, Great Lakes Feeder Line (Anglo Eastern - Managers) 05-07.2008
MV Dutch Runner
2279 GT General Cargo Ship
Wartsila 6R32,
2250 kW
Chief Engineer, Seaspan International Ltd. 10.2007
MV Seaspan Navigator
148 GT, Coastal tug
Caterpillar 3512,
1268 kW
2nd Engineer, International Telecom Group  02 - 03.2003
MV Thomas C
771 GT, Dive Support Vessel
Lister Blackstone, 2983 kW
Refit Mechanic, Tradepower International Inc.  06.2001 
MV Bart Roberts
2093 GT, Expedition Yacht
Ruston, 2164 kW
Chief Engineer, Osprey Marine Ltd. 02.2000 
FV Nootka Mariner
238 GT, Fishing Vessel (Dragger)
Caterpillar, 629 kW


Soft Skills leadership, coaching and discipline, training and mentoring of subordinates, cadets, trainees.
Administration preventive maintenance program implementation and administration; developing procedures and producing appropriate paper work to satisfy regulatory authorities and company objectives (i.e. ISM, JSA, Permits to work, etc)
Diesel Engines complete overhaul and rebuilding of EMD, Caterpillars, Cummins, Detroit Diesels, Volvos, Ruston, etc. repair and maintenance experience on considerable amount of other brands such as Sulzer, MAN and Wartsila.
Fuels fully conversant with MDO (diesel), 180 and 380 Heavy Fuel Oil handling machinery operation and procedures. Fluent with various Alfa Laval purifiers and some Westfalia.
Water Systems extensive experience with large fresh water production equipment and handling such as Serck Como and Alfa Laval - ~ 400 t/day units, including Reverse Osmosis plants. Familiar with water testing and treatment of feed systems and fresh / potable water production and distribution and its quality management within a large system.  
Waste Systems comfortable with numerous types of Oily Waste Separators and procedures, conversant in regulations and administration of records. Intimate experience with numerous Marine Sanitation Devices, large and small, and associated procedures.
Steam Systems familiar and comfortable with large low pressure steam systems (i.e. 8 bar, 20 tph), extensive heat recovery / waste heat systems experience.
Metalworking stick and gas welding, oxy acetylene cutting
Machining lathe and milling experience, fabricating and shaping
Electrical proficient in DC & AC, production and distribution, experience in large diesel electric propulsion plants
Refit experience rebuilding various valves, pumps, compressors, purifiers, piping and numerous other components along with shipyard supervisory duties
Hydraulics Framo cargo systems, troubleshooting, repairs and installations of hydraulic systems
Controls comfortable with electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems
Computers very comfortable with set up, use, and networking - multiple suites, programs and OS

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2nd Class Marine Engineering Courses - Distance Delivery Memorial University, Nfld. 2008
Marine Engineering Apprenticeship BCIT PMTC 1999
Diesel / Diesel Marine Certificate Mechanic Camosun College 1995
Heavy Duty / Commercial Transport Mechanic Camosun College 1993
High School Diploma (with Honors) Victor Brodeur 1991


MED Refresher  Marine Emergency Duties Refresher (STCW2010)  10/2021
MAFA Transport Canada Marine Advance First Aid 09/2017
MED Refresher  Marine Emergency Duties Refresher (STCW2010)  10/2016
VPWSR  Vessel Personnel with Security Responsibilities  07/2015 
MAFA Transport Canada Marine Advance First Aid 02/2010
Tanker Endorsement Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization Course 03/2009
Live Fire 1 Land based Firefighting - basic level 12/2007
PPS / Classroom Engine Room Resource Management 10/2005
USCG BST 40 hrs Basic Safety Training 10/2004
USCG AFF Basic & Advance Shipboard Firefighting 10/2004
MED A1 Basic Safety Course 02/1997
MED B1 Survival Craft Course 04/1998
MED B2 Marine Fire Fighting Course 05/1998
MED C Officer Certification Course 02/1999
MED D Senior Officer Course 02/1999
PPS Level One Watchkeeper & ECR Operator Course 07/1998
PPS Level Two Plant Manager Course 01/1999
Marine First Aid Red Cross, Advance Marine 10/2001
Industrial First Aid Level 1 paramedic 11/1996
WHMIS Workers Hazardous Material Information System 06/1998
Dangerous Goods Offering, Handling, Transporting 06/1998
Drivers License British Columbia Class 1 (Class 8 trucks) 07/1992
PADI Open Water Diver 05/1995

* MED = Marine Emergency Duties (STCW95 compliant)
** PPS = Propulsion Plant Simulator (STCW95 compliant)

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Martin Leduc - at home in the engine room

Martin on Disney Magic, May 2003,
click for larger version

Who am I ?

Professionally, the last 25+ years have been spent on many different ships with a wide ranging mission profile. This experience is combined with superior academic standings, extensive training, professional attitude and keenest. These ingredients blend well to provide a solid knowledge base for a professional, productive Engineering Officer.

My three children and I live in the port city of Nanaimo, near Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. 

Professional goals

Consistently and safely perform duties as Certified Marine Engineering professional with a high focus on quality; with the ultimate goal of sustaining a healthy family life.

Community involvement

My profession is not only a way to eat, it is also my passion. My most passionate display, is the creation and maintenance of Martin's Marine Engineering Page - Online since 1999, this "not for profit" website, offers insight, technical help and a place for marine engineers all over the world to interact. Garnering over 40,000+ unique visits per month at its peak, it normally ranks high in search results for Marine Engineering. Many visitors have commented on the site's informative content and professionalism by sending emails and registering comments.

I am a member of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering and have served on the Executive Committee of the Vancouver Island Branch. Beside attending technical meetings to upgrade my knowledge, I donated my time and expertise to help out as with the Branch's professional conferences on various topics such as: "Developing BC Offshore Oil & Gas 2002", "Maritech 2004", "Green Marine 2005", "Marine Engineering - The New Wave 2014" and "Mari Tech 2018".

For my efforts, I have been recognized, most importantly by "pats on the back", but also by receiving the 2002 Denis Cressey Award. The monetary award is offered to Canadian Marine Engineers by the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering to recognize academic excellence and involvement in the marine engineering community. 

I also volunteer my time on the Program Advisory Committee of Western Maritime Institute, a seafaring training facility near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island.

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Contact Information


Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Telephone   1 250 797 0711
Email   martin "at" martinleduc com
Web Site


Professional and personal references are available upon request. Below are excerpts from some of them.


" Martin has always worked in respect of safety and environmental regulation with an appreciable level of autonomy and an efficient reporting mentality "

Technical Superintendent, William J Moore McCleary's Spirit, 12.2011


(as Chief Engineer) " Sober and very reliable at all times, very dedicated to his job and position "

Captain, MV William J. Moore / McCleary's Spirit, 11.2008


" Very good ability and knowledge "

Chief Engineer, MV Dutch Runner 07.2008


" Martin has performed his work in professional and competent manner and has received numerous positive reviews from various superiors. Martin is an enthusiastic, dedicated employee with reliable work habits. He often does not need guidance or supervision, but willingly accepts it when offered."

Chief Engineer, MV Rhapsody of the Seas 08.2006


" Mr. Leduc has done a very good job this contract as 2nd engineer on the separator area. The area is in very good visual and technical condition. He is a team player and a pleasure to work with."

Chief Engineer Junior, MV Rhapsody of the Seas 03.2005


"(as fourth engineer) ...Martin has proven to have a good understanding of his duties and the complex systems on board this cruise vessel. He has been actively involved in training new hires coming into the role. His technical skills and hands on experience have been beneficial to the technical team."

Staff Chief Engineer, MV Disney Wonder 03.2004


"(as second engineer) ...he displayed a high level of initiative and performed very well with little supervision. His hands on skills are well developed and all his work was characterized by a high level of good engineering practice."

Chief Engineer, MV Thomas C 03.2003


"(as chief engineer) ...I found him to be consistently reliable, competent, responsible engineering officer. And as such, recommend him to anyone desiring his services."

Captain, CCGC Sooke Post 03.2001


"Mr. Leduc has been a real asset to the Engineering Department of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier. His Qualifications include a Fourth Class Motor Certificate and a Diesel Mechanics Course. He applied this knowledge in a practical fashion. He is keen and willing to tackle any tasks required of him."

Chief Engineer, CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier 04.2000


"He (martin) is a hard working student who takes initiative and can be relied upon to complete projects within time frames in a professional manner. His work reflects his interest in marine engineering and he is one of the top students in his class - academically and in workshop practice"

Chief Instructor, BCIT, Marine Engineering 11.1997


"Placing the needs of the public ahead of our own concerns definitely is commendable. Employees like yourself, are a valuable asset to the branch and the Ministry."

Marine Manager, Marine Branch, BCMOT 06.1997


"He is a very keen, highly motivated and very cheerful person to work with . He was able to carry out instructions and assisted in making the watch go smoothly"

Chief Engineer, CCGS Narwhal, 06.1999


"...Martin gave a consistently good performance, often performing at a level higher than that required by his position. He is competent, punctual, honest, and conducts himself in a professional manner. He fit in very well with the Engine Room team, having a dutiful respect for authority and the chain of command. He worked well with others. Socially, he blended in very well with the officer and crew of the ship."

Chief Engineer, CCGS Tanu, 07.2000


"Martin is going to be an excellent mechanic some day. I would hire him in a heartbeat if I had a position for him here."

Fire Master Mechanic, Victoria Fire Department 08.1993


"He was willing to learn from us, as well as, teach us, especially in the computer department. He was pleasant to be with, and a positive addition to our crew"

Senior Engineer, CCGS Gordon Reid 10.1999


"I found him (...Mr. Leduc, acting as 3rd engineer...) to be well informed of his trade, a diligent watch keeper and of cheerful disposition."

Chief Engineer, CCGS Bartlett 02.02


"Martin is a self motivated, experienced Engineer Officer. Has a good "hands-on" core knowledge of Marine Engineering practices.

Staff Chief Engineer, MV Disney Magic 07.2003

Tugs in Nanaimo

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