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August 15, 2011

A "small in number, but large in context" update this time... I actually have a bunch of other stuff to upload but I am having time and technical constraints outside my control. - read below.

James Jensen introduces us to the history of the Detroit Diesel engine, with an emphasis on their use on the West Coast of Canada. We explore creative fixes using Belzona. Allow me to introduce Isaac; Isaac is a Marine Engineering cadet studying in Ghana, he offers us a glimpse of life as a cadet in Africa.

In this update, I uploaded an excellent video on fatigue by the UK's Cardiff University. I found it quite good, because as a seafarer, I can relate to it to a large extent, which is rare it seems, but nice to see. The topic is also very relevant today where the new work rest rules are starting to come into full force, and which run counter to what has been the norm in North America for quite some time.

The summer was very busy for me, work was good, busy, but no major mishaps. I was mostly busy with family life, so like usual the website, this hobby of mine, tends to take a backseat. I am planning a new development for the site, another redesign of sorts. My old Frontpage software was starting to feel a bit dated and was refusing to modernize itself, meaning that the program was getting quite buggy. So i've made the leap and purchased the new Microsoft Web Expression software, this is significant because now I have to learn some new stuff, to which an old skool guy like me might find challenging. Hopefully it comes out ok, but hey, that was / is one of my founding objectives for this site, always learning and improving my skills. Although, like an active construction zone, I will apologize for the mess in advance.

This update's header was a picture taken by yours truly, several years ago, while working on the Rhapsody of the Seas. At anchor, off Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, the MY Tatoosh was nearby. At the time, Tatoosh was reportedly owned by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen. Tatoosh is actually his second giga yatch; his other is even bigger and is called Octopuss. Must be a real headache keeping track of that much money.

June 15, 2011 

Its been a very busy winter at work, my usual time to update the site. Then at home I was swamped with several projects, mainly helping out with the CIMarE's very successful Maritech Marine engineering conference and exhibition, and also laying some new flooring in our little house. The result was that my "regular" bi-monthly update, scheduled for April, was skipped. Hopefully you find a trove of new stuff in this update, to make up for the lack of updates. I really enjoy maintaining this site, I get to see so many interesting things so this is a fun hobby for me, just wish sometimes I could do more of it!

In the Ship's Library, is where you will find the biggest haul of new stuff. In one of the most popular areas of the site, Exam Help, you will find a whole new raft of helpful documents, kindly submitted by a long time visitor to the site - thanks for sharing. A set of Questions and Answers for the Second Class Marine Engineering EK General exam. You will also find an extensive set of Questions and Answers - excellent resource - targeted to Millwrights, but as you will see, quite applicable to Marine Engineers with its simple format, and broad spectrum of subjects. These include Couplings, Workshop, and review of welding study material. There is also an all subject in one Millwright / Industrial Mechanic Study resource. These are only a small list of the new things, check out the other 12 documents yourself. This is truly a great contribution, that will assist those of us studying to upgrade our certificates.

Also in the library you'll also find lots of other interesting documents, including accident reports on the Oscar Wild, HMS Endurance. An excellent paper on the history and future of Classification Societies. A power point presentation of the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker under construction, the CCGS John Diefenbaker, a presentation on the USCG's "black fleet" and what the did do. An interesting primer on importing a foreign vessel into Canadian trade; a topic that is sure to be more common everyday.

En francais, tu peut lire apropos des Canadien en mers, principalment avec les bateaux de croissiere, comme Allure of the Seas.

On the Machinery Page, even more stuff to learn from; Electric Motors, consideration for switching from MDO to HFO operations. You all also find a paper on Stirling engines and Ice Navigation, with recommendations for engineering operations in cold weather.

Over in the Historical area, you will find new material as well... A glossary of sailor's terms, circa 1800's Sailors glossary. Denis Grifths has summarizes British Marine Industry and Diesel. Ion Livas has compiled a definitive list of Liberty Ships and a compiled a list of those modified Liberty Ships. Local BC tug company's history is chronicled in The Hodder Tugs Story.

Updated the Fairbanks Morse page, always a popular page, with some new pics, diagrams and comments.

Extensive updating of the Training Page with updated and corrected information based on new regulations - thanks EM for providing the in-depth knowledge. Also added some other tidbits in there.

As always, just look for the for all the new material uploaded in this update; the above, is just an introduction of some of the new material. This update's header, is a picture of Canada Steamship Line (CSL) Richelieu main engine. Taken in March 2010, while I was aboard doing a couple weeks of refit. The engine is a Burmeister & Wain (B&W) 6K67GFC, burning Heavy fuel oil, rated at 11,600 bhp or 8,531 kW. It was built in 1980.


February 08, 2011

Happy New Year. Its been slow start for me, as the winter ship lay up is coinciding with my wife's extended medical "layup". She has slowly getting better from debilitating back pains, allowing some time to focus on the slightly neglected main site. I am still actively publishing many articles on The Monitor - our blog - and the membership keeps growing on The Common Rail our Forum and even on our LinkedIn group. The Linked In group is a bit repetitive, but it allows those of you who wish to network with peers, a little easier way to connect. Now, I am not on the Twitter bandwagon, so at least I wont break your ears, or get overexposed, with that. As if I had that much time to dedicate to that!

In this update, many new links all over the site. I gather lots on interesting stuff in my webfaring adventures, and save them in my "favourites", until they get revisited and dissected a bit more, and possibly uploaded on the main site. That's the process, and that what just happened this past month. About 30 new marine relevant job, training, industry and such links were added in the various main areas.

In the Historical area, some new drawings were uploaded, of particular interest, the engine room layout of the Turbinia. In the Officer's Lounge, look for some new cartoons and jokes. In the Ship's Library, a few new papers. And over in the Machinery Page, also some new documents and links - in particular, you might like the Project Guide from Wartsila, which basically, lay outs all the needs of a modern diesel engine, to be fitted in a ship, really interesting reading. As always, just look for the icon.

Darren Williams, our very own maritime advocate, advises us on a couple of topics over on the Advocate Area. Firstly on the timeline for legal action. He made an excellent presentation on the subject in late January, to members of the Vancouver Island Branch of the CIMarE, and here is the written version. He also submitted another really interesting article, this second one is on the process on dismissing a seafarer. Something to consider when encountering a challenging situation with an employee.

If you would like to send us a file, URL or just a comment, we now have a new, easy to use, web based comments form in the Contact Us area. And perhaps you have not noticed, but with every update is a featured picture which may interest you. I love pictures! and these are some that catch my eye, from my own collection.

I decided to include the past header or update intros on this "What's News" page. A considerable amount of energy is spent on trying to produce a good picture for the site's first impression, I try hard so it would be a shame to only see them once. So I have gone back and attached the "look" to each updates below.

New articles on the Canadian Seafarer Tax Page.

This update's header, is a picture of MV Los Villos, a bulker, heading to Vancouver from Juan de Fuca strait, near Victoria, BC. The ship was passing us at a fair clip. In the background the US Olympic Mountains, frames this beautiful day in May 2008. 

November 20, 2010

Martin's Marine Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net is celebrating 11 years online this week.

New questions for 2EKG exam submitted by John. Correction made inserted to the Cunard history doc. Another John submitted some pictures of a Fairbanks Morse piston he salvaged while in the USN.

Tidied up a bit in the various areas, but overall, not too much new. I have been busy with several engineering related and many non related projects, so this main area has suffered a bit. But, I still find time to maintain The Monitor, our very own blog. Of course there is always a great deal of interesting discussion over in The Common Rail, our forum area.

August 31, 2010 

I am very please to present Retired Chief Engineer Verheijden's work on the Doxford opposed piston oil engine. The famous British engine conjures up memories in many engineer, but those engineers are quickly moving on, as does this history. The center piece of the area is a fascinating pictorial of the manufacturing process, and the machining skills that this process required. You will also find a gallery of damages; detail drawings of various components, videos, and background on Sun Ship in the USA, not to mention, numerous supporting documents. You may be already familiar with this material as it was online for some time, but we are mirroring the original content, so has not to lose it forever. If you wish to have some of your marine engineering works hosted with us, for free, drop me a note.

Still in the Historical Area, you will find many new engineering drawings and general arrangements drawings. One I particularly like, the document on the now retired USCG Mackinaw, an icebreaker that operated in the Great Lakes. You also find lots of engine room layout drawings, engineering plans from way back and more, check it out.

Quite few new entries, probably around 25, were made in the ongoing developmental timeline of the diesel engines and other prime movers, as they pertains to shipping. In particular, entries focusing on early steam, Wartsila, and EMD's history were made as well as numerous other notable happenings.

Some new documents have been uploaded in the Ship's Library; read about the 2010 state of the industry from BRS, European based shipbrokers, an excellent insightful report. Over in the Machinery Area, you'll find a pocket guide for EMDs listing torques and parameters, and also Class NK's guided on preventing human errors. Quite a few new jokes in the "Ship's Lounge"; you can even download a handy guide to swears words and expressions in a multitude of languages. New visitor comment on "Canadian Income Tax on Seafarers" area. Also been adding lots of new maritime related links. As always just look for the , for new content.

Once again, I had to take down the Ship's Logbook, this time the spammers went too far, they actually changed my administrative passwords for the area. Although it is very nice to see visitors comments, it just not worth it to have that 'guestbook' feature running. The Spam bots are just too numerous and powerful. One day they may realize that all that effort pushing "mexican Vicodin" isn't worth it, at least I would hope so. Like I said, if you wish to send me a hello, just use email, and I will post your comments on the Ship's Log page. Thanks.

July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday USA.

A major new area of the website is now online. In the Historical Library, a new area for Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net, you will find a plethora of neat articles, books, and drawings with a historical perspective of achievements in the maritime, and in particular, marine engineering field.

The genesis of this was a submission by "TB" (thanks - and sorry it took so long), of many drawings that are just too neat not to make available online. But I couldn't really fit it anywhere else properly, so I decided to start a new area. I have removed documents with a historical feel from other areas of the site, and moved them here, and added many other documents. For instance check out the high quality drawings of a triple expansion steam engine, or read about the MS Monte Penedo, the first German built cargo motor ship.

I do apologized if this has caused some dead links and perhaps frustration, since it involved a considerable amount of site "rework" - let me know if you see something misfiring.

Also new on the site in this update.

A fascinating overview of some major problems confronting commercial shipping, expertly conveyed by a masterful writer, from the Atlantic Monthly magazine. Have a look at an inventor's ideas on redesigning the internal combustion engine to be more efficient, he calls the idea, the Gun Engine. You will find this paper and several other new additions, on the Machinery Page.

Over in the Ship's Library, there is also quite a few new papers too - including a comprehensive overview of Port State Control. I also added some pretty handy stuff for your day to day needs, but also for your studying needs - a summary of electrical formulas and info, and a copy of the Transport Canada formula booklet. The same they give you in Canada during your exams.

Perhaps you have noticed, some new advertising. I have been experimenting with Google's AdSense for some time on The Monitor (blog), but I wasn't happy with the product. In particular, how the ads relate to us Marine Engineers, not to mention the return for the "pollution" on the site was pretty paltry. As a result, the idea was never extended to the main site. But now, there is a group currently using the adsense concept, but only catering to marine matters. This looks promising and in this release, the site will feature advertising from this network. Feel free to comment on the idea and products - I will be tweaking this service over the next few months, and hopefully the revenue, although not anticipated to be anything to write home about, should be able to sustain server costs without polluting the site.

May 20, 2010

With the guiding hand from a kind official type contributor, I was able to update the Training Page, which was sorely behind the times, since the coming into force of the new Canada Shipping Act 2001. I cleaned up lots of links and supporting documents as well. Removed my Ducknotes, sadly. These were to help in studying for the exams and I was somewhat proud of those, but with the new Canada Shipping Act 2001, the requirements have changed, and they became irrelevant. What were the "Ducknotes" you ask... here's one of them.

Updated the ship tour page of the Cable Laying ships, Knight and Baron. They are pursuing new careers, and the webpage reflects that now, thanks to a visitor submitting a comment.

May 01, 2010

Like usual, time is my most precious resource and it has been a challenge to upkeep the site, so I do apologize for the "anorexic" updates.

The Common Rail is always a bee hive of activity, there is now over 500 members that have joined, perhaps you should too. Be part of the conversation, or at the very least come and see what your peers have to say. Things over at the The Monitor, our blog, where the majority of my original writings appear, still has lots of interesting maritime matters discussed, easily leave an observation too. 

Below, is my new copyright policy. What does it mean ? It means I care about my original work and I am proud of its quality. I want to freely share it with whomever appreciates it. But I ask that the work be recognize, and that user not utilize this work for their own material gain, without seeking the original author's prior approval. You can click on the icon to learn more about the copyright policy.

I added visitor comments regarding taxes and Canadian seafarers. Modified the 1st Class Applied Mechanics question bank on advice of a kind visitor, deleted 16 questions that were repeating themselves. Added about 10 new entries in the historical timeline of the development of the prime mover (diesel), focusing on fuel injection. A couple of new stories / jokes in the Officer's Lounge.

I added a good deal of links throughout the site(s), and plan to work through all the other links to remove dead ones - if you see any, let me know. Just look for the sign to locate them easily. I am always adding to the Links Page, in hopes that it will be a meaningful resource tool for us seagoing guys n gals - I am always open to suggestions too.

A visitor submitted dramatic pictures and a brief write up on the modern semi submersible drilling rig Deep Water Horizon. It suffered an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico and sank in April 2010. Check it out on the Marine Picture Archive.

February 01, 2010

Happy New Year. Uploaded some submitted pictures of the Algoport sinking in East China Sea.

December 10, 2009

OK, its been a while since my last update, the arrival of my third little duck at home, and a major virus to my computer my last time at sea, have conspired to delay this long coming website update. Regardless, here it is, and yet again its a Christmas edition, Merry Christmas to all, by the way. It is also the tenth year that Martin's Marine Engineering Page has been online, in the online world, that's nearly old age! I expanded and put some more recent stats on the site on the About Page, curious to see where all the visitors are from, check it out there.

In this edition, lots of new content to peruse. Starting with our good barrister, Darren Williams, who explores safe manning changes faced by Canadian ship operators. He also provides us with explanation of common legal terms in this new page, the Legal Glossary. Added some news jokes in the Officer's Lounge - at the bottom of the page.

Over 30 new articles and papers through out the site. On the Tax, Western Maritime Institute and Advocate pages, but mostly in the Ship's Library, and on the Machinery Page. Check them all, like usual, just look for the icon. For example read about Wartsila's vision of propulsion alternatives; get tips from Class NK on good ship maintenance practices; read the story of shipping line Rederiet MH Simonsen, or download a PH Scale for reference.

July 13, 2009

Almost 250 new pictures have been uploaded to the Picture Archive, many of which are my own original work. You can also find some pictures of the 2008 built tanker Helcion's engine room, and some artsy pictures of ships of a bygone era.

I had some time to write three new reviews of maritime theme shows, have a read on the new Screening Room page, our maritime film review page. On the Video Page, I uploaded 19 new videos. One of which is a long lost promotional film by famed director Stanley Kubric about the SIU. You can also catch a montage of several videos of the building of the Oasis of the Seas, near the end is some footage of that enormous ship's first sea trials in June 2009, and much more.

Western Maritime Institute is a new maritime training institute located in Nanaimo BC, near my home. We follow their progress as they build this new venture. Some new comments were sent in regarding the tax situation for Canadian at sea, I offer my input. On The Advocate, Darren gives an overview of the developments in the Administrative Monetary Penalty system newly introduced by Transport Canada and some advise for would be salvagers.

The majority of my writing nowadays shows up on The Monitor, our blog; there you will find over 300 articles posted for your enjoyment and hopefully, enlightenment. On The Common Rail you will always find an interesting discussion started or continued by one of over 330 maritime professional.

Additionally, few new links and odds and ends on the usual main pages were added - Job, Seafaring, Links, Lounge, and Rudolph Diesel Bio pages.

Hope you are having a great summer - if you are in the northern hemisphere, otherwise hopefully the rainy, wintery season is not too bad for you in the southern hemisphere. My spouse and I are all ready, the nest has been spruced up, and we are awaiting our third little duck; due any day now, huh, any hour...

April 01, 2009

This update was so long coming that by the time I wrote this part of the update, I have forgotten what I did. Eheheheheh

Definitely, one of the new features of the site I think you will find interesting and captivating, is the On the Job feature. Margaret Boyes introduces us to various people in the maritime industry, who share with us a glimpse of their passion for the marine industry and how they achieve the position they are in now. If you are new to the industry, I trust you will find some insightful comments, and if you are already in the industry, I am sure you will find a familiar theme to relate to.

Our resident maritime legal expert, Darren Williams in the Advocate, explains us various legal concepts, in plain English, about shipyards and “Commercial Morality”.  Currently in the shipyard, and dealing with budgets and surprises, I couldn't help to think that Darren's new article was practically written for my situation. Also, in another article, he explores the legal consequences of falling asleep on watch, something that I am sure will interest all of us watchkeepers.

I did some minor editing here and there, added a few items on the Job Page, Lounge and Seafarer Pages but otherwise I have been working IRL (in real life) and not so much online.

December 13, 2008

Some of you may have noticed that I took the site down for three days, December 10th-13th, 2008. I do apologies for the inconvenience, but I believe it was well worth it. I decided to replace the front page with a black page to signify my displeasure with the recent court ruling in Korea, which ordered the incarceration of the Master and Chief Officer of the tanker Hebei Spirit, and took seafarer criminalization to a whole new level. Although my form of solidarity with these two officers is over, they remain in prison and I urge you to find out more and take steps to support their plight, as we all could easily be in their shoes. Visit http://justiceforhebeispirit.blogspot.com/  or the ITF at http://www.itfglobal.org/campaigns/hebeitwo.cfm for more information.

In more proactive and positive legal terms, maritime Lawyer, Darren Williams, continues to educate us in all things admiralty on the Advocate area. This edition's article concerns the many myths and facts, surrounding Maritime Liens and their applications.

Unfortunately for you, my faithful visitors, I have been hitting the books pretty hard these last three months, and I have not had much time to work on the site. I am happy to report that the studying is going well and, I should be starting my first round of upgrading exams in the new year. The down side is that there is not much new on the site, well of course with the exception of the The Common Rail, the forum area, and the The Monitor, the site's blog area.

Also, I am sure you will enjoy visiting some existing areas of the site, like the Officer's Lounge and having a hardy chuckle. The birth of the bulker might be also of interest to you. Rudolph Diesel's biography, and the Engine Development Timeline are two of our most popular pages on the site. V Belts are sometimes forgotten until they fail, why not download this handy guide from Goodyear, and check up on your belts on the ship before they give you trouble. Digital Transport Canada sea time testimonial forms, for easy filling and storing, can be downloaded in the Misc section of the Machinery Page.

And finally, a quick note to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a superb, fruitful New Year in 2009. I have polished up, once again my Christmas page. To all of you at sea, I will be amongst your ranks, so we shall all wish for an uneventful holiday time, without accidents or too much cheers. That will be just fine with me. 

October 20, 2008

The horn is as useful as it is iconic to ships; in this article, we are introduced to Chief Engineer Robert Swanson, founder of AirChime, and his beginnings, right here in my home town of Nanaimo BC - a fascinating story. Think pumping bilges overboard at night is a good way to dupe MarPol enforcers? Think again. Naval Architect Ion Livas once again share his knowledge with us, this time, he expands on the history of the Liberty Ships after the war. Increase your cultural knowledge of seafarers from around the world, with a bit of insight found near the "bottom" of the Officer's Lounge page. On the Machinery Page, you will find an article with pictures on my experience with a 12.6 MW engine that decides to suddenly stop working properly under full load.

It use to be easy to pin point the recent changes on the site, but the last couple of years have really seen a dramatic increase in marine engineering resource available for you online at www.dieselduck.net, "sadly" the new stuff is not so obvious to find anymore. I hope you enjoy; especially the 20 or so new papers and articles I just uploaded in the Ship's Library, and in the Machinery Page. In particular in this update you can find resources on fresh water generation. Check out waste heat recovery for water production, how to measure the quality of the distillate, or get a primer on the difference between plate or tube types.

By the way if you are confused about what what is new, just look for the icon, which indicates new content since last version, usually updated every 2 months. You can also do a search of the site, which digs through all the documents found in the main site, the blog and the forum.

I did some minor editing on the Training Page, Seafaring Page. I also added quite a few new links to other resourceful website, primarily on the Job and Link pages. I have been busy again with a pretty major makeover of the forum are.

A name change and some graphic treatment put the finishing touches on the re-launched forum area, to be known as The Common Rail from now on. A massive update of the PHPbb Bulletin Board software, use to run the forum area, was carried out in September. The upgrade was a bit bumpy, but I am really impressed with the new software, I hope you will like the expanded features as well. Even if you don't appreciate the new look and features, I am sure you will enjoy interacting with your peers, over 250 of them are now registered users. They have posted over 1100 times, so I am sure there is something there that will catch your eye.

So it was a boring trip last time out at sea, so ended up playing quite a bit with Photoshop and I came up with a new logo for the site. Some have stated that they really like the old logo, but the reality is that in my disorganized mess that is my computer(s), the original version of the old logo went missing, and I could not recreated it. So I have only one, small and unworkable version of it, making it difficult to work into my designs. So after nine years of my original logo, here is the new identification for Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net. You can send me your thoughts about the new logo...



August 09, 2008

In our new section, The Advocate, which deals with legal issues facing Marine Engineers and mariners you will find maritime lawyer Darren William's new articles. The first is on Criminal Negligence and how this relates to your duties onboard. The second highlights the importance of keeping your wits about you after a maritime accident / incident and the ensuing investigation. Both articles, very good advice to keep in mind, as always, from marine lawyer Darren Williams.

A big update for media content this time. Over one hundred new pictures in the Marine Picture Archive, most, from my recent travels across the "pond" to Holland and back to Montreal, and a few more from generous contributors. Take a photo tour of Anacortes, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest area of the US. Have a look at the new and impressive survey ship Fugro Saltire. A city with a very active waterfront. I digitized some PowerPoint presentation that I received several years ago, but they remain pretty impressive still. For one, check out Paul Allen's ultra mega yacht Octopus (wow do I feel inadequate now). Plus, I made a new gallery just for the new pictures uploaded since last update; so you don't have to visit each gallery to find out what's new.

In the Video Library, I uploaded 10 more videos, including an older Shell production describing the Diesel engine and its beginnings. Pretty hard to find. Also in the Video Library, started a new subsection for corporate productions, which are usually pretty neat. Also wrote up another film review, this one is for Piracy in the Straits, a documentary film about the Straits of Malacca and its problem with piracy.

Undertook some minor housekeeping and small additions to Diesel's Biography, Timeline, as well as many other pages, as always, just look for the icon. We have a new Ship's Logbook ! I am still working out the look, but the new book is now under "our roof". This mark the completion of a goal I set a few years back to have no more outside service providers, which means a frustration, spam free environment - I hope. I consolidated all of the previous entries into our "Ship's Logbook" in one page, have a browse to see what people have said about the site since its inception. Mr. Patrick Bray sent us some comments about his article and insights on his experiences with bulbous bows.

I have updated my resume because I am looking for some stable employment that is family friendly, I would love to hear from you if you know of such a thing.

June 01, 2008

A new section in Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net is added dealing with legal issues facing Marine Engineers and mariners. The new section is called "The Advocate" and it is where we publish legal articles from maritime lawyer Darren Williams of the Williams & Company law firm in Victoria, BC, Canada. Mr Williams has written extensively on many maritime matters based on his experiences at his law practice, and many years of working on the water. We welcome your comments and I hope you value these insightful articles, 22 of them to start, with new ones expected every couple of months.

We also welcome a new sponsors ! Petrospot wanted us to be aware of their new book - "Bunkers — An Analysis of the Practical, Technical and Legal Issues". I actually already had this excellent reference book, and the new edition is even better; check it out. Faststream continues to be our major sponsors, which allows us to keep the lights on around here. They renewed their ads and want to pass along their current project - recruiting for Teekay tankers. Thank you to both our sponsors.

We have some new folklore added to the Officer's Lounge, read about various superstitions. There is also quite a few new reports and articles in the Ship's Library. For example, you can find the NTSB report on the boiler failure on NCL's SS Norway; interesting reading. Rajaish Bajpaee of India based ship-owner Eurasia writes a very timely article on the "Return on Human Investment". Also check out statistic on the cruise ship newbuild program compiled by Meyer Werf Papenburg Shipyard in Germany - just to name a few interesting papers.  Some more papers added as well in the Machinery Section - dealing with gray and black water waste using Membrane Bio Reactors. I added some reference material on the Tax Page regarding the tax court ruling slamming CCRA's interpretation of what being a Canadian resident entails.

I have been doing some house cleaning in the links department, throughout the site. Some links were dead and have gone, many new ones have surfaced some have moved to more relevant areas. Links to other blogs and other news sites have migrated over to our blog "The Monitor". If you have not dropped by The Monitor or the Galley Wireless recently, then you might be forgiven for not noticing the many interesting articles and changes that have occurred there. I have been refining the look and content of the The Monitor to hopefully be more interesting for you. I also spent some time making "pretty" graphics which I hope you like. In the forum area, you will find many interesting discussions occurring in the many different areas such as The Workshop, Events, Study Hall not to mentions the job area, where many new offers are made weekly. 

I am continuously review and adding stuff to existing pages. In particular, I have uploaded a whack of ship acronym (ie CCGS = Canadian Coast Guard Ship) in the Glossary of Maritime Terms.

April 01, 2008

Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net has been bought by Lloyd's Register / Fairplay for 1.4 million Euros to enhance their media offerings. Things will remain the same for the most part, for you our visitors; the site will remain the top rank go to site for all licensed and aspiring marine engineers, and serious shipping enthusiasts. More details of the deal will be forthcoming. Thanks for your continued support in making Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net the success it has become.

Aside from that, it has been awhile since I have had time to update the main site. The forum and the blog, Galley Wireless and The Monitor, on the other hand, have seen a very serious level of activity, which I am sure will interest you. Here on the main site, allot of housekeeping was carried out. Many new links were added and cleaned up on the Seafarer, Job, Training, Picture. I am redesigning the Link pages to actually be of use to you, by having relevant link to equipment and service providers, so check it out.

In the Machinery section, a new page on the Sulzer RT Flex marine diesel engine and its common rail fuel system. An excellent primer on the technology that is fast becoming common sight on seagoing ships. Also added few new tidbits on the Prime Mover Development timeline and Rudolph Diesel's biography page. Ever wonder what happens to contaminated oil after a spill, read about various techniques on the Oil Spill; Now what! page.

In the picture area, I uploaded a whack more pictures. About 200 more pictures can be found in the Dieselduck's Own, People, Engine Room, Weather, Vessels galleries, and some great shots were submitted as well, by kind and talented visitors. Also check out the 13 new videos I uploaded into the Video area. There is also a new OHS form in Officer's Lounge along with some new material.

As if that was not enough... I also uploaded many new papers and articles in the Ship's Library, Training Page and the Machinery Page. For instance you can learn about LNG propulsion using dual fuelled Diesel electric plant, or brush up on your Battery Maintenance skills. Need more examples ? have a look at UK's Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy, or how about checking out the price and availability of 2nd Class courses at MMI in Newfoundland, just to name a few of the new items online.

Getting lost, why not try our new search engine, specifically tailored for our needs by Google. The search includes the main site, the blog and the forum areas. Otherwise, just look for the to see all the new stuff since the last update.

January 01, 2008

Happy New Year ! Well another Christmas as come and gone, this one was very nice for us, spent at home with our two boys and lots of family visits. I did not get much done on the site, but I did do "allot" of surfing which will undoubtedly show up in the site's next update, probably in early February.

I did manage to do some housekeeping here and there, lots of new links to explore. You can find them in the usual places, Seafaring, Job, Training, Video and Picture Pages.

The real action lately has been the new forum - The Galley Wireless and Marine Engineering Job Board, which host some very interesting topics and announcements, not to mention job postings and general information. The growing list of members is great, but their participation is really the best part. So drop on by if you have not done so in a bit.  

November 27, 2007

Wow. Imagine that, Martin's Marine Engineering Page is 8 years old ! I would have never thought this project would last that long or be as involved as its been. Thank you for your participation.

Well after 8 years, it was bound to happen, I had to do some major "back of house" remodelling. With the new, large, web space I've been adding a ton of stuff, but the original framework of filing was just getting too overloaded and messy, so I had to reorganized a good portion of the site. You should not notice anything, unless you have many shortcuts in your "favourites folder", these will most likely not work now. The pages are still there, but just a slightly different name. I do apologize, I know its a hassle and it is my pet peeve when it comes to other sites, especially government one, but it was overdue and necessary.

You may also notice you are getting some "Active X warning message" if you are using Microsoft Explorer (these guys are getting pretty silly with these non stop warning messages). These are most likely caused by a new java script installed on all our web pages to track you (insert Evil Genius laugh here). The script records your computer navigation through the website, for server statistical information gathering. The service is offered by Google, and it is meant to find out how people get to the site, how long they stay, which page is popular etc. Pretty much every website runs this type of software, but if you have any concerns, as always, email them to me. You can check out Google Analytics' website for more information. 

I added a huge whack (...and I do mean lots !) of reports and technical publications to the Report area of the Ship's Library and Machinery Page. Too many to list here so go have a look. Also updated the Diesel Engine Development Timeline; always a popular page. Added a new Master Mariner Exams questions page; another Ship Business - actually not a bad read for Engineers. Digitized and uploaded USCG exam question banks as well, lots of neat stuff there. Updated the First Class EK Motor and General exam pages with a visitor's experience.

Ever wonder what those Newfies are talking about, here's a little bit of help. Read about a Chief Engineer with Norden Shipping overseeing newbuild projects in Asia, in the Library. Added three interesting documents; listing published Marine Engineering books and thesis; they can be found at the bottom of the Bibliography page.

Added several more quotes and pictures here and there, as well as links throughout the site. The new Forum area is finally getting some acceptance, as I see many of you registering and some of you are participating in discussions, that's great ! See, I told you its not so bad!

I started a new little area on the Machinery Page, its the Handy Downloads, small items to make your life easier or more interesting. You will find there a www.dieselduck.net exclusive ! My new Transport Canada Seatime form. I had it in word format for a long time, but it was very easy to screw up, I have retooled the whole form so that you can fill it in right, on your computer, so it is nice, neat, and consistent; plus you can keep a copy of it in digital format as well after printing it for Transport Canada. Don't forget to print the back of the form as well. You will also find the much sought after Deutz engine screensaver, a nifty little application that illustrate an automotive diesel being fully put together.

October 29, 2007Thomas Romeo Leduc born September 22 2007

A new baby boy for the Duck House, indeed a happy time for mama and papa duck. Our new, nearly 9 pound, bundle of joy made his first appearance shortly after midnight on September 22. Mum was a trooper, and the little hairy guy ate very well right off the bat. We brought Thomas home to meet his very happy big brother several hours after giving birth. We are very thankful to be so blessed.

On the website, I had some time, while burping the little guy, to do some minor updates here and there. Lots of new links on the major pages, Job, Training, Seafaring, Video Pages.

I had a good letter asking me to pay my taxes and quit whining, you can read it, and my response, along with some other comments on "my" strategies for tax planning - keep in mind I am not an accountant. As well a new section, "In the News", with a very interesting article on a recent court decision on residency that may affect you, right now. Also an article on US tax misconception for seafarers on the Tax Page.

Lots of new stuff to read about on The Monitor, and also the new Forum is building steam, have a look and go through the painless registration process to participate. I feel that you will not be disappointed.

As always look for the icon throughout the site for all the recent changes.

September 1, 2007

Two visitors have provided some insight on the Bulbous Bow and taking the 3rd Class Transport Canada Steam EK exam, thank you ! Uploaded lots of new articles and opinions on the "Seafarer Shortage Crisis", check it out the Human Resource Babble page in the Ship's Library. Added several new jokes and saying about drill-ship life at the bottom of the Officer's Lounge.

For those following our campaign for better taxes for Canadian seafarers, might be happy to hear that the Finance Minister of Canada has weigh in with his government's position. Its not good for us, but at least we know where we stand. Read his letter on the "Taxes" page.

The biggest "new" for me is that the video library is now online and can be found here. With the massive web space provided by our sponsors, and hopefully you. You will find many interesting, amazing and funny marine related videos available for download, including some original works from my travels. If you would like to contribute and share your work, feel free to drop me an email. We will see how things go with the bandwidth usage, and hopefully we will be able to add to it in the future.

Also a big new development is the Forum Area, which I hope you have seen and participated in. The new area is located on our own servers and free of annoying pop ups and other irrelevant ads. I hope that it will enhanced the participation of you, our visitors. The Bulletin Board brings together the idea of the outside services I used in the past - that came with a cost, not necessarily monetary in nature. The Galley Wireless, the Marine Engineering Job Board, and the Canteen (the classified area which was never really a big success - but I think still a great little tool for all), all three now are all located in one area, that I believe is easier to use and navigate, and certainly offers some enhanced services long promised.

July 16, 2007

Video! yes that's right, a new feature on the site to which I will expand soon. You can find my first video on the Hercules and Capt Bob page; an introduction to the log barging world in British Columbia.

Also in this latest update - In Canada the shipping industry has been stagnate and "lacks allot of love", so it is refreshing to see someone invest in a "new" shipyard. Check it out here, another Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net photo essay feature on the reborn Point Hope Shipyard in Victoria BC.

Summer and its beautiful weather has found me outside and doing projects before the rain comes back, but I did manage to work on the site a little. You will find many new links on the major pages, Seafaring, Training and Job Pages - but I still have so much more to go through too!Why not get a free copy of this magazine !

Another sponsor quickly signed up to support Martin's Marine Engineering - www.dieselduck.net; Safety at Sea International magazine, a publication of the Lloyd's Register - Fairplay organization. Drop by their website and try out their free issue, mailed to you, tell Soren you heard about it here.   

My new web space provider, Dream Host, provides an easy way for visitors to support You can help support www.dieselduck.net, by donating towards our web hosting cost the site. Using the "donate button" found on the index page, you will sent to Dreamhost where you can make a contribution towards the site's hosting bill, that means that the funds go directly to the site, and not to my tool fetish (not that I have one, even if I did, what's it to you ?). Thank you in advance. 

June 10, 2007

Major refit work was carried out on the Ship's Library, Machinery Page and The Monitor (Blog). The machinery Page has gained much weight with a transfer of all article mechanical there from the Ship's Library, and the addition of quite a few new papers and articles. The move was necessary due to a new section of Reports in the Ship's Library. Numerous papers and interesting reports are now hosted on our servers that you will find interesting to read.

The Monitor was forced into a refit as well, with Blogger changing the way they work. The new blog has more customized features like video from YouTube and more graphics. Some bugs persist as they caught me a bit off guard, but all the old features should be alongside the new one shortly.

I basically did a massive "maintenance period" on the site while I was at sea last contract, in particular, updating information on the Seafaring Page, Training Page and Job Page. On the About Page, you will find a new section on the history and milestones reached by www.dieselduck.net, and updated my resume as well, if you have some great job that I should hear about... =) I also loaded up the various pages with more graphics, and some new pictures on the Fairbanks Morse page, I added another 150 of my own pictures in the Marine Picture Archive. I love all this room! 

May 15, 2007

Another exciting year is shaping up for me. My wife and I are expecting our second child in late summer. I have found a position as Second Engineer with Smit Marine on the Captain Bob, the largest tug on Canada's West Coast. Its been a hectic few years of late, and my project has kind of lacked attention. But with my work front stable I intend on looking after the website a bit more, especially since ramping up my studies for the next license.

One thing you will notice that's new, is a sponsor has sign up to advertise their services on Martin's Marine Engineering Page - www.dieselduck.net. Faststream has been posting freely on the Job Board but wanted to increase their profile, so we worked out a deal. Much to my pleasure. The income was directly returned into the website by way of a major upgrade yet again, sort of a re-engining of the site. Although hard to notice for most visitors, the site is now hosted on Dreamhost systems; which are fast and large ! I am genuinely excited for this development, which opens doors to many avenues for the site. So, please thank Faststream by dropping by their website and saying hi.

Please visit our Sponsor

Read Don Sutherland's article on the state of crewing and human resources on the American East Coast, an American version of a worldwide problem.

I revamped the picture area as well. Uploaded about 250 new pictures mostly of my own lens. The picture area is generally very time consuming for me to maintain, but I hope you will enjoy. I have just uploaded more poll results on the Poll Archive page.

Visitors submitted some comments - read Nic's first-hand account of the Dubai Dry-dock accident. Barry, from Daimler Chrysler, submitted some corrections to the Development of the Diesel timeline.

Dec 20, 2006

Merry Christmas to you all, I posted my Christmas wishes. I removed the polls in hopes of getting rid of some of these pop ups and leaches that's been driving me crazy. I hope to bring them back under my own servers so as not to deal with pop ups, in the mean time you can check out the past poll results. Also got rid of the Nedstat free site traffic monitoring code which was producing 2 pop ups as well. Damn leeches.

Just returned from being at sea, but this time had a little time to work on the site. Lots of housekeeping carried out, deleting dead links, adding lots of new ones, in particular in the Picture and Work pages. Reviewing information on the Training and Seafaring Pages, always new things to add there. Some new jokes and quips in the Lounge

Learn a little about gun salutes, flags and such on the Pomp's and Circumstances page. I am not sure what to call this new piece, it deals with an admiralty case. It seems the lawyers and judge went creative... or crazy, interesting reading nonetheless. A quick review of a neat, newer, marine documentary video can be found on the Marine Documentary Review page. Brush up on your oilfield jargon on the Classic Sea Terms page. Read many new comments from other seafarers on the Tax Page and HR Babble page.

Myles had submitted some great work a while back, finally updated the pages. Check out the Simulator exercises on Purifier OptimizationShaft Generator Power Transient and Generator Load Sharing.

As always, lots of interesting discussions on the Galley Wireless. Plenty of interaction on the Job Board and lots of news bits to keep you busy on the Blog - The Monitor.

Aug 30, 2006

Check out an opinion piece and a few articles about a shortage of skilled labour in the maritime industry. Posted another recently submitted technical paper. LNG Propulsion Alternatives which explores the options and economics of modern propulsion systems for LNG carriers. It is available in .pdf format in the Machinery section

Ever heard of Thunderhorse ? This amazingly large semi submersible platform nearly sank in the Gulf of Mexico, check out pictures and learn more. Daniela submitted some "creative seas" pictures, plus check out Dutch pilot boats in action.

As always lots of great topics and news bite on the Galley Wireless Forum and The Monitor - a blog from MMEP.

May 28, 2006

Ok, so its been a while since I did any major work on the site. This time around, on my time back ashore, has been busy buying and moving to a new home, so time has been quite short. 

I did however carry out quite a few changes, primarily on the Monitor, MMEP's blog which has quite a collection of interesting stories, check it out if you have not already done so. 

Also check out a student report recently submitted on Azipod propulsion in the Machinery Area.  Also please take a note of my new snail mail address, if needed. 

November 29, 2005

Uploaded two big items on my "To Do" list. I digitized the fourth class exam material I had, and also posted a pdf guide on cleaning a Alfa Laval MAB separator. Check it out in the Library.

November 16, 2005

Getting ready to go out to sea once again, so time for some housekeeping on various pages. Added some comments on the Diesel page, Timeline, Flashing a Generator. Added quite a few visitor comments on the Tax Page. I have been mostly busy with the new Monitor Blog, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out. Always lively discussions on the Galley Wireless to check out too. 

November 01, 2005

A new baby, that's what new. Isn't that enough! Yes, I very proud of my new little man. A very handsome lad indeed. It was a bit of a bumpy ride at first but everything is ok now, Olivier is growing like crazy. 

My other baby, this website, is celebrating it's fifth year online. Just amazing never expected that I would still be interested in this project that long, ehehehe. I still get satisfaction out of it so I may as well keep going.

I started another new section, which allows me to post news bits and short pieces, its the The Monitor. The Monitor is a blog which I hope will allow us more flexibility of interacting. The blog is between a full web page and the quick comment of a forum. So that way, when I come across something interesting, I can post it right away with pictures, and other can comment as well. Worth a try. 

The Canada Revenue Agency sent me their opinion on my questions regarding the OETC and my taxes. Check it out on the Tax Page. Student often send me interviews questions to help them write papers on being a marine engineer, so I decided to compiled them all here. Norm submitted a detailed description of the Nordberg Supairthermal Engine to expand on Wayne's The Miller Engine. More visitor suggestions on handling scavenge fires.

Some marine theme documentaries are reviewed on the new film review page. I uploaded some dramatic pictures of "ships of ice" submitted by kind visitors. Lots of new jokes in the Officer's Lounge, have a looksie, saying and quips pretty much everywhere else. 

May 03, 2005

It has been a while since I had some time to update the site. My last contract onboard the ship was too busy to allow me some time to play with the website, and my time off is shorten to accommodate the arrival of a little "baby duck" into our family in early September. 

Thank you for your for your input about the new look. The new set up is not impressing me much though, so I am thinking of carrying out some un-planned maintenance as I believe I have reached the limits of my web authoring skills / program. ehehehe

In the Picture Archive, check out pictures from the "Dubai dry-dock accident" and visit the RTM Star Center in Florida. Over 100 new original pictures added in the Dieselduck's own gallery.

Lots of new stuff in the Ship's Library. Exclusive shots from the Pride de Rio de Janeiro's lifeboat accident in the Portland, Maine harbor. Got a "heavy footed" master on the bridge, you may want them to read "Easy on the Sticks". Check out the Bahamian Maritime Authority's and the USCG Passenger Ship survey checklists for ships, all in the Ship's Library.

I also fixed the "Celebration Crankshaft" page. Fixed and added to the Weather Picture Archive. A scholar from UBC reviews the Bulbous Bow explanation. Plus added many new links throughout the site.

New tax stuff including an updated of the OETC IT bulleting found here, as well many comments from peers having the same sentiments.


November 22, 2004

This project is officially four years running.

Walt P. submitted more Ocean Navigator exam stuff, Celestial Navigation, Ship's Business, and Meteorology. Check out all the questions in the Ship's Library.

Added many new links to other websites on the Library, Training, Job, Seafarer and in Directory pages. As always, just look for the icon to easily find them.

Carried out some tweaking and maintenance; removed the old website from cyber space. Don't forget to change your link! 

November 10, 2004

Well, here it is, as promised a newly redesigned website for marine engineers all over the world. After getting one advertisement from www.answers.8m.net I was able to strong-arm my friend Johnny, at Datacore Design, to provide me ample, quality web space, at a decent cost to bring you more stuff! Imagine what could be done with more advertisers. 

Thank you, to both of these excellent people, and I hope you support their endeavors as well. 

To celebrate the new web space, I have designed a new look for the site and added much new content. But the biggest changes are in the framework of the site, so with the noticeable change in look you can imagine that I have been busy on my last ship at sea, getting this site to work seamlessly. I hope you like it; and don't be shy to send me your input.

One of the new things is that the pictures area got a major refit. I cleaned house and added hundreds of my own pictures, which, by the way, are available in print form for a minor cost.

I have added new material on the "Birth of the Bulker" page after a reader submitted some interesting comments. 

Check out pictures of a crank removal at the Grand Bahamas Shipyard. 

Swollen river means trouble for this tug and bridge.

An introduction to the Miller Engine.

Have a visit onboard the MV Baron & Knight two of the world's most advance cable layers.

Having problems with Radio Frequency Interference on your boat, check out these handy solutions.

I hope you will take the time to read and give me your help by feedback, support, assistance etc. on a big new project being undertaken. That project's purpose, is to reduce Income Tax burden on Canadian Seafarers working internationally. Get involved because it will affect you, wherever you work!

June 10, 2004

I am still out space on my servers, so not much new. But that is about to change, I am finalizing a deal with a new host that will give me lots of room. This will allow me to put up the huge collection of data I've collected over time.

I will also be able to load up many new pictures, including my own section of original material.

I am off to sea for four months, I will take my laptop and hopefully be able to completely redesign the new site and all new features.

Keep an eye out for my other new project. Trying to influence the Canadian government to change tax laws regarding seafarers. I have been in contact with Members of Parliament, and I am creating lots of background information on the topic including an article to be published soon. The new web site will have a section on this topic. If you are interested, and you should be, regardless of where you work, drop me an email to voice your support or have some input, I would appreciate it.

January 10, 2004

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you out there.

Check out the new, err, old, glossary of Classic Nautical Terms - updated. Read about a young engineer, getting to work in Nigeria's offshore. Can you tell the weather at sea?

Did some general cleaning here and there. Added little saying everywhere and and lots of links on the Job, Training, and Library pages.

I'm still out of room, so I cant make a big infusion of info. So pardon the long absence of new stuff. I just haven't run into anyone interested in sponsoring the site, if you know of anyone, click here, or send them here.

April 10, 2003

I have not done a major update as I have no more room to expand on my servers. But I did . Also added some comments on other pages like the Prestige page and Transport Canada has asked me to place a disclaimer on my exam questions.

I will be leaving for a four month contract at sea, so please take advantage of the discussion, job, and advertising boards.

February 6, 2003

Added many more new links in the Job, Seafaring, Links and Picture Pages. Also added new poll questions and retired some older ones. More examination questions, as if we didn't have enough already! These are for the in-house assessment for chief engineers at BC Ferries. G-Man submitted some new 2nd Thermo questions. Bunch of new jokes and things in the Lounge. A insightful article on the current ship managing culture and the tanker Prestige.

An absolutely new, free, and great area for you! The Ship's Canteen. You can list your wants, needs and services, on this electronic board, much like a newspaper classified.

I am absolutely out of web space. If you know someone interested in advertising on www.dieselduck.net let me know. If I can get two advertising contracts I would be able to move my site to a bigger host for a year.

January 9, 2003

Happy New Year... I am currently on holidays and have been so busy with other commitments - so nothing really new - online anyways. Sorry.

I am currently looking for a new professional home. If you know of anyone who needs a third class ME - Drop me an Email at martin@dieselduck.net or drop by my resume.

December 5, 2002

Nothing big, just little things. New poll questions, a new, better counter. As always interesting topics, and many jobs posted - maybe there is one for you!

November 5, 2002

Various links added on the Job, Seafaring, Training and Links Page. Also new links to great pictures added. New sayings, jokes and poems added to the Job, Training and Lounge pages.

Engineers at sea is a new web page which takes a look at the roots and early history of marine engineers and ships.

October 22, 2002

The active guestbook is back - out of service no more! People can now sign the Ship's Log. Also I have made improvements to the "comments" form. You can now send me an email without an email program.

October 3, 2002

The Paypal icon on the main page, is for those visitors who have taken some knowledge from the site and wish to give something back. Maybe you care about our profession, and  you wish to help out with the logistic cost of running this website. You can, quickly and safely, make a donation of any denomination to Martin's Marine Engineering Page by using your credit card from anywhere in the world.

All your financial help is appreciated... maybe you wish to get something in return. Regardless, thanks for your visit.

September 25, 2002

In the library... Some new material. An award winning essay on the things you need when commercial fishing in Alaska. Bridging the Gap, an article on the state of marine engineering and human resources in Canada (Great Lakes). Safety first ! A hazard datasheet for a ship's engineer.

Also, a new feature: DuckNotes... the "Cliff Notes" on marine regulations. Check out #1 "guaranteed failed" and #2, Oil Pollution Prevention Regulations & #3 Boat and Fire Drills.

In the machinery section, new topics, clutches and gearboxes.   Lots of jobs being posted on the ME Jobs board.

September 6, 2002

No, I have not forgotten about the website. Camping, moving, re-modeling, studying, and that little thing called my real job have taken up most of my time. But I am finding some time to carry out some maintenance: links cleaned up, minor editing on many pages. Also added some new stuff, links, jokes and tidbits a bit everywhere.

Check out the first article, BC Offshore outlook. Also read about one engineer's view of accountants, and read a crappy story kindly submitted by Mr. Allen. As always, some good discussion on the web board

June 5, 2002

I have been busy taking my EK exams for my thirds, I am happy to report that I passed. I have also been helping out with the "Developing BC Offshore Oil & Gas Conference" in Victoria this week. But I have taken the time to completely rebuild and uploaded the picture page; check it out. I think it looks good.

April 17, 2002

Just uploaded a huge amount of new exam questions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class licensing. EK Generals, motors, steam, naval arc, applied mechanics and whole lot more - in the library. See if you can find the similarities between today ships and the 1940's. I'm working on a couple of Machinery pages which will hopefully be up shortly. I am taking my 3rd class EKs so hopefully I will have some new stuff later. 

Lots of new jokes and saying throughout the site, also lots of new links everywhere. Still working on fixing all the bugs from the move, bear with me.  

February 11, 2002

As predicted, @Home, a joint company of Excite Networks and AT&T, has gone belly up and left its subscriber high and dry, including this one, and this website it use to host. When I was at sea, the plug was pulled for the most part although some of you did get access to the site, albeit slow. I have move the site to the next best thing I can afford and slowly adapting it to work. Some features may not be working as originally designed. If you find some that do not work, please let me know. Otherwise have a nice visit and thank you for your support.

December 20, 2001

Merry Christmas to all, and all the best in the new year!  Check out the Christmas Page. Also MMEP celebrates it's second birth date of being online. I am still catching up on my things I wanted to post, so in this update you will see lots of new links, on the Job, Training, and Library pages.   

November 22, 2001

Several new quirks (poems, sayings, jokes) throughout the site. Four new "exam help" pages. This time I was submitted engineering notes and questions for Master Mariners. Also read about rogue waves; all in the library. In the machinery section, check out a guide on ship propulsion packages.

November 03, 2001

You have no doubt seen some of the changes to the site. The site just came out of "refit" with a new look and some new features. These changes are in response to the survey which has been carried out over the last six months, thank you for your input. Overall the site has had a fine tooth administrative comb run thought it. So there should be no dead links and such. 

Check back in about two weeks, as new pages are in the works. Just to let you know, @Home is in bankruptcy protection, so there is a possibility the site's access may be interrupted. Instead of using the "members.home.net/diesel-duck" URL, use the WWW.DIESELDUCK.NET URL, it will be forwarding you to the appropriate site location. 

Yes, I am now happily married, thank you for your well wishes. 

August 26, 2001

"So what's going on Marty, there is nothing new here !" Heheeheh, yes that is true, I am a mere mortal. With my wedding, and the glorious sunshine outside, my time as become short. So until the rainy days, have a nice visit, and thank you for dropping by! 

July 16, 2001

Just putting up some new links here and there. Also been busy working on a CD version of the site, which should be available for a modest fee. Drop me an email if your interested in obtaining it - martin@dieselduck.net

June 05, 2001

I have been very busy being the Best Man for a wedding, preparing my wedding (in september),  and extra jobs - Doing a refit on the MV Bart Roberts (ex CCGS Narwhal) while on holidays. Needless to say, I'm pretty busy. I am always running across stuff, which I will post when I can but I will return with new material in the fall. Have a good summer. 

Don't forget to write your comments on the Galley Wireless, check out the Jobs and Submit your job wants on the ME Jobs Board. Leave me a nice hello on the Ship's Log.

May 16, 2001

New stuff on some old pages. Check out the new installment of a cadet's diary. Some visitors give their comments about basics of energy and the QE2's Chief. New exam questions uploaded to the Second Class EK and EK Motors pages. Jobs posted on the ME Job Board. Visit some new web sites starting in the library then check out the Seafaring, Links, Training, engine pages.  

Some minor stuff added in the Lounge, Machinery Page and Bibliography. And please take a few minutes to fill out the "future of MMEP" survey. 

April 28, 2001

Routine maintenance carried out. New stuff coming soon.

March 27, 2001

New links posted in the Job, Seafaring, Training and machinery pages. Also some new poems, funny stories and such in the Lounge, Job and Seafaring page. Read MMEP's new Privacy Policy. Please take time to fill out a survey to determine the future of MMEP. Also check out the new counter from Nedstat, very cool, see where all your fellow visitors are from.   

March 23, 2001

Worked out all the bugs from the Marine Pictures archive and uploaded over two hundred new pictures of ships, equipment and the people that run them! 

March 22, 2001

Something new everywhere ! Many new links added to various areas of the site, look for the . Lots of entries in the Galley Wireless and the ME Jobs web boards. General maintenance carried out, some links dropped. Three albums of ship pictures remain troublesome, working on the situation.  

New page created in the Machinery section: get familiar with Marine Gas Turbines, the two stroke and four stroke diesel engines. As well, practice your 2nd class heat exam here.

January 25, 2001

Lots of new stuff. Check out the new articles and tech notes: maintenance guide for small diesels, about ISO, packing and stuffing boxes, microbial contamination in fuel, marine training in Canada, read about the EPA's lawsuit against the US diesel engine makers. But wait that's not all: third class questions are "up", as well, redesigned the whole exam section - all in the ship's library.

January 16, 2001

Happy New Millennium ! Just carried out some "pm" work on the website. Some minor editing and addition of links throughout the job, seafaring, photo archive, training, and links page. Some interesting quotes and questions added to the lounge and training page. Be sure to have your input on the Galley Wireless, and don't forget to sign the Ship's Log (guest book). 

December 3, 2000

Its a wonder you're even reading this page... I've been having extreme problems with this server, @ Home. Most of the time the web page cannot be displayed and is extreme slow to load. Shaw, my ISP, is sympathetic but to a pathetic level. I am deeply disappointed that they cannot live up to their advertised service. I am not making any money from this site, and I am not independently wealthy, so until such time as this website is hosted on a professional server, my visitors will have to put up with shoddy service from @Home. Be aware that I am very active in maintaining my website and that when it is uploaded, everything works well. So if you see "x" where a picture should be, the @Home servers have failed you, and me. Thanks - Martin  

New links added in the Seafarer Page, Job Page and in the Library. New poems and jokes in the Training Page and Lounge. Uploaded some more pictures of the Fairbanks Morse engine on the Machinery page. New links and pictures in the Marine Picture Archive.

Be sure to participate in a new feature for this site, the Marine opinion poll. Yes, I know, we are all sick of elections, but this poll, is just for fun. You will see them peppered all over the web site. Currently, there are ten different question for you to answer. Each time you reload/revisit the page, you will get a new one. 

November 1, 2000

Get your brain in gear... and tackle the huge archive of  First Class exam question freshly posted in the Library. Changed the front page to cut out some of the clutter, all website administration postings and info can be accessed through the Ship's Office. Be sure to sign the new Ship's Log. Plus: another installment of  "A cadet at sea".

October 18, 2000

About 120 new pictures in the Mariner Pics archive, check out the folder with the new pictures, also new picture links.

October 13, 2000

After a nice holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I manage to work on all these new developments. Check out these brand new pages ! Basics of life and energy, a biography of Rudolph Diesel, a timeline of the modern prime mover, a life story from a scientist/seafarer, the diary of a shipboard cadet, and, and, and a new First Class ME exam. 

Also, new stuff in the lounge and tons of topics in the Galley Wireless. If that was not enough, find a whack of new links on the  job, training, and picture archive pages.  Some housekeeping stuff - a new simple index page, my snail mail address, and a help me page.

August 19, 2000

New links in the job, seafaring, and training, and links pages. New stuff in the lounge. New banners can be viewed in the about page. Some new pages ! One about Fairbanks-Morse engine, another about the watertight doors this can be accessed thru the mechanical page. Some additions in the library. Check it all out. Also check out all the new post in the Galley Wireless

A new, easier to remember url has been registered. This means you just have to remember www.dieselduck.net to visit martin's marine engineering page.

But wait there's more ! The marine picture archive has one hundred new pictures in it, look in Set 6

June 25, 2000

Carried out some maintenance. Added some new in links in the job and seafarer pages. Added a poem in the job page. Added a practical joke in the lounge. There are several topics where your input would be appreciated in the galley.

I will be away for work in July, be back in early august. Keep sending your comments.

June 22, 2000

Get your brain in gear... just posted two new pages in the library. Examples of the written second class EK exams. And a page chock full of ISM / ISO questions for those about to undergo a safety audit. As well a whack of engineer jokes in the lounge. Also updated the sailor's glossary for marine term definitions. And as usual, new links added to the job page.

June 15, 2000

I have set up a new area. A place to interact and exchange ideas, it's called the Galley Wireless. It's a web board which allows you professional to post messages. Have a visit, and start something.

June 14, 2000

Celebrating six month online. Some maintenance carried out. New links added in the Seafaring and Job pages. Yet another new page, this time a page of funny stuff, its called the Officer's Lounge.

April 12, 2000

Uploaded about 250 new pictures on the Mariner Pics site. Two set of 100 pictures of ships - Set 4, and Set 5 - and about 50 other pictures in the Engine Room, Weather and People pages. Still more to come.

April 10, 2000

Just doing some editing and maintenance. Added some new links to the Job, Training, Seafaring, Links and Bibliography pages. Just look for all the signs for the new stuff.

March 03, 2000

A new look. A more "to the point look" and an easier way of visiting this website. The "old front page" was dissected to form two new ones. The new front page and the about page, with information about Martin's Marine Engineering Page. It also contains a table of content, as well as some promo banners. Check them all out.

New pages added to the library such as "a word form the QE2 Chief engineer" and other interesting articles on the "birth of the bulker", "motivation and satisfaction aboard ships" plus many others.

February 28, 2000

I'm back, for a little while- I have been busy searching job sites, the links are now posted on the Job page, check it out. More stuff going into the library, 12 new pages to be exact, lots of resource for engineers, check it out. Some new links on the seafaring page.

February 10, 2000

Few hours before I have to go on the ship, I uploaded about seven new pages, which can be found in the library. Look for the sign. See you in a couple of months.

February 2, 2000

Introducing the sign. To help you better identify the new stuff. Site maintenance carried out, new links on the Job, Training, Seafaring pages.

January 24, 2000

Martin's library is now open. Sit, get comfortable, because you'll be here a while. Many new pages - interesting articles, mariner glossary, tech notes for engineers and my collection of exam questions. Other information like STCW, safety and even interview help resides there. Check it out for yourself.

. . . as well,

More links and questions added on the Training Page and the Seafarer Page. Martin's job page has more job links added. The picture archive saw some new links added as well.

January 12, 2000

Martin's job page has more job links added. Other minor upgrades throughout - this website is like and engine, always wants fine tuning!

Been having problems with the picture page getting lots of errors from the server - beats me why - but if you get this messages, just hit reload, that should fix it. Perhaps you have notice, the "last revised" date web-bot is ill with the y2k bug. I'm working on it.

January 05, 2000

Happy New Year ! Minor grammatical changes to Martin's job page and training page as well as other pages. Major upgrade to the picture archive, as well, adding ~120 new pictures. General site maintenance.

December 21, 1999

Some polishing was done on the job page and the training page. New pages: about marine engineering, job description and mariner job description.

Yet another new page... the marine links page is "up".

December 16, 1999

Martin's job page is up. Links, information and resources on finding jobs in the Marine Engineering field.

Another new page ! Wondering where I get some of my information ? Check the bibliography page.

December 13, 1999

More picture added to Martin's Mariner Picture archive, I am quickly growing the archive. Special thanks to normal people who have given me pictures such as Daniel A. Check them all out.

November 30 1999

Martin's Mariner Picture archive is "up".

November 28 1999

The Training and What's New pages are added. Minor alterations are made to the Main, Seafarer and Russian Icebreaker pages.

November 20 1999

Martin's Marine Engineering Page is born.


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