Comes in threes…

September 3, 2010

On the national news tonight, another grounded ship in the Canadian arctic… Uh oh, three in a month. The media is all over it, and apparently, so is the Canadian Coast Guard. The first grounding was Coastal Shipping’s Mokami, near Pangnirtung (off the eastern coast of Baffin Island), then Clipper Adventurer, a pocket cruise ship in the “middle of the Northwest Passage“. On Wednesday, it was Coastal Shipping’s Nanny which…


Old problems, new again

August 15, 2010

If been a couple of decades now, since the big push of the 80’s and 90’s to remove (at great expense) Asbestos on ships and buildings, especially in Canada. The use of Asbestos in ship construction was extensive last century, even though it was a well known hazard to human health, as far back as the 1920. Flash forward to 2010, and this interesting notice from GL (Germanischer Lloyd) advising…


Oh, give it rest!

June 6, 2010

Pardon my wholly lack of trust, in this most recent government announcement on Canadian federal shipbuilding plans. Could this issue be flogged any more by politician for cheap public thrills. Countless times over the last twenty years, we have heard these announcements, and year after year, millions of dollars are spent on design and consultations and general bureaucracy, and ultimately end up just like a fart in the wind. I…


Back to the future !

January 27, 2010

Hello, hello and welcome to 2010 ! Its nearly the end of the year’s first month, so I will extend my apologies to my loyal blog followers for the desperately late first entry of the year. I spent pretty much all of December at work, which, apart from the normal separation from family anxiety, included much work related headaches. Upon my return home in the first week of January, normal…


Dredging cabotage issues in Quebec

October 13, 2009

The 1180 gt MV Port Mechins dredge (pictured right), operated by Dragage Verrault of Quebec, dredging the St Lawrence under contract to the federal government for the last 30 years, has had its seaworthiness questioned by Transport Canada (TC). According to a recent article appearing on the Seafarer’s International Union (SIU) Canadian newsletter, TC refusal to extend the Seaworthiness certificate to the aging vessel, built in 1949 (yes, 1949), has…


Shipyards get into shape

From today’s Halifax Chronicle Herald.There is nothing added that is new, but does talk about the proposed new way of building government ships in Canada. For all of the men and woman that are babying the senior citizens of the government fleet along, this is all good news that there will be new ships. Federal funding will see workers through to 2017 By TOM PETERS, Business Reporter, Halifax Chronicle Herald…

September 12, 2009

GOC Cancels New Vessel Acquisitions

Late on Friday the Canadian Government released a bombshell that the Navy’s project to replace the aging supply ships has been cancelled. Also cancelled is the Coast Guard’s tender to build 12 midshore patrol vessels. This is fairly staggering news. Millions have been spent in the planning, design and the now aborted acquisition of the ships.Instead of buying, say one supply vessel and eight CG patrol vessels which would give…

August 23, 2008