A day at the port: Quebec City

May 23, 2015

Quebec City is always such a great place for ship lovers. It’s a bustling port, with lots of action to admire, and neat iron plying about. Today, I had the opportunity to visit some berth mates before I signed off, here are some pictures. River traffic is constant, above is Umiak 1 leaving for its monthly trip to northern Quebec, with supplies for the mines; then coming back loaded with…


Owen Sound grabs some kW

September 22, 2009

This last year has seen a dramatic downturn in shipping, especially on the Great Lakes, silencing the many “calls to action” regarding the elephant in the room, a looming shortage of trained and capable seafarers. This shortage has not gone away, although the temporary – critical shortage has. Perhaps shipping will not rebound to levels that they were last year, anytime in the near future, but one can be sure…


Set for an Expedition

March 8, 2009

So the big news this weekend, around these parts, is the arrival of BC Ferries’ new ro-pax ferry MV Northern Expedition. The new vessel docked in Nanaimo last night, after being at sea for a little over a month and traveling just under 10,000 nautical miles from the FSG Shipyards in Flensburg, Germany, where it was built. The new vessel just about caps the company’s massive fleet revitalization program (there…


The apropriately named Northern Adventure

January 4, 2008

The MV Northern Adventure, BC Ferries latest vessel, hardly a year in service after the MV Queen of the North sinking, was sideline in the middle of its planned run between Prince Rupert and Pt Hardy on the January 2nd, 2008. According to the BC Ferries press release the engine, a MaK 16m32, shut down on safeties. From the press release, it would appear that engine room staff used dirty…