Sharing wisdom

June 28, 2012

If you are a Marine Engineer looking for a little advice, there are options for you. Of course the whole idea behind the main site of Martin’s Marine Engineering Page – – or The Common Rail (our forum area) is to educate and assist budding professionals excel. Sometimes though, its nice to connect with a peer who can offer personal guidance from their experiences and offer insight to improve…


Now, it’s official

June 13, 2012

From Maritime Propulsion As if we didn’t already know, or at least expected, the Globe and Mail reports on an international body recognition that Diesel exhaust does cause cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization, held a meeting this week, in which they conclude that Diesel exhaust cause Cancer. I wonder how that’s going to impact us engineers working on ships, especially…


Mr. Duck goes to Ottawa

April 13, 2012

I am at the airport now, about to leave Ottawa after five days here, heading back home for a few days before going back to sea. I arrived in Ottawa on Sunday, and enjoyed our nation’s capital by visiting the parliament building, the war museum, and extensively walking around the downtown core, taking in the sights and experiences. On Tuesday, the true purpose of my visit, attending Mari Tech 2012,…


First introduction successful

March 31, 2012

Last night was a cool wet night in Victoria, but it was a warm welcome at the Canadian navy base where I gave a presentation on Blue Riband, which seems to have gone really well. I was a bit jittery about the whole thing, but the larger than normal crowd was quite receptive of these new concepts in Marine Engineering. Thank you to those who made the evening quite interesting…


Mona Lisa’s smirk

February 29, 2012

I came across a program spearheaded by the Swedes, being co-funded by the European Union, which may raise some eyebrows with our Deck Officer friends. The program is called Mona Lisa, and it involves directing ship traffic in the Baltic much like air traffic is controlled. Meaning very tightly. Below is a video that explains the project. There is some interesting features of the idea in there, that made my…


Introducing Blue Riband

February 23, 2012

Blue Riband is a fictional business model, an employee controlled entity, much like a professional organization. Many new ideas are proposed, encapsulated within Blue Riband, as possible solutions to the shortage of Marine Engineers in Canada. The project presents a new way to manage the high quality human capital needed, to make sure shipping remains viable, well into the future. You can visit the project’s website at, to view…


Marine Engineers = Good earners

December 12, 2011

Earlier this year, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce published a study called “What’s it worth? The economic value of college majors”.  It’s a US based study, but probably relates fairly well across to Canada, and some other countries. The thing that caught my engineering eye in this study, was that Marine Engineering / Naval Architecture was listed in the top ten for earnings. Listed below, are the…


Desgagnes Officers on strike… sort of

December 7, 2011

MV Sarah Desgagnes in Montreal Desgagnes Tanker division is under strike action by it’s shipboard officers, engineers and navigators. Desgagnes is a well known Canadian shipping company, based out of Quebec City. They operate a mix fleet of bulkers, roros, general cargo, heavy lift and tankers in the Eastern Arctic trade, down into the Great Lakes, and all point in between. The tankers division, known as Petronav, and based out…