Reaching out to the “public”

July 9, 2011

Seaspan recently launched a “Were in it to win it” National Ship Procurement Strategy (NSPS) website. The company aims to get the word out on its advantages, over the other Canadian yards, competing for the federal shipbuilding contracts. The website is very sharp looking and well put together. Seaspan and Irving both opposed the extension on the bid deadline, requested by the other two competitors, Seaway Marine and Davie. Obviously…


NSPS drumbeats

June 30, 2011

Seems the Canadian Government is being very vocal about their intentions for a fair and open bidding process, when it comes to the National Ship Procurement Strategy. The lobbyist are up at arms by the various statements, the most recent one at a military hardware conference in Ottawa, a few weeks ago, where a government minister “scolded” prospective shipyard competitors to forgo the efforts of lobbyist, on their behalf, to…


Seaspan might benefit from “Miracle”

May 30, 2011

Now, there is something you don’t see everyday. I can’t remember the last time there was any form of agreement between the two major political parties in British Columbia – or credit given to the opposition in a high profile speech. But it did happen today in Victoria. Newly elected Premier of BC, Christy Clark, used her inaugural speech to lend her’s, and the Liberal Party of BC’s support of…


A ray of Sun

January 9, 2011

The largest newspaper, west of the Canadian Rockies, has a feature on west coast tugs in today’s Business section. It features an optimistic outlook by the regional operators after several years of hardships – no pun intended. Seaspan is featured in the story, as is the Catherwood, Jones Marine, Smit, Pilots and others. An interesting read overall, but the history side is of course nothing new to those plying these…


Seaspan swallows SMIT / Rivtow

October 15, 2010

Big news on Canada’s west coast today, my sources have just sent me an email saying that Seaspan has just swallowed SMIT Canada, ex Rivtow. I have from good sources that Boskalis has sold all assets to Seaspan. You can read here, a bit about Rivtow’s prolific presence on the West Coast. Rivtow was at one time a massive industrial entity, the biggest in BC, with the largest fleet on…


Finally, a little bit of good news about the HST

September 30, 2010

The much maligned new tax in BC, the HST, is helping somebody in BC ! Surprise, surprise. The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which combined the Federal Goods and Services Tax with the Provincial Sales Tax into a blended tax of equal amount, took effect in July. The HST has added considerable cost to our young family, but at least one company, tug operator Seaspan in Vancouver, controlled by US based…


Seaspan takes advantage of champagne sale

August 3, 2010

To most on the west coast, Seaspan is a prominent name, hauling barges every which way all over the coast. Now, Seaspan is also becoming quite an established name in the container ship business too. And judging from the recent spats of new build deliveries, those head honcho must have a sore hand cutting all those ribbons and breaking champagne bottles. Seaspan has taken delivery of no less than 10…


“Economic conditions”

December 12, 2009

West Coast Canada remains under a great deal of influence cause by the recession, south of the border. With forest products being a major component of the maritime trade on BC’s coast, its been a heck of a few years, felt well before the official recognition of trouble. As such, I was surprised to see that Seaspan’s recent announcement took so long in coming. Last month Washington Marine Group (WMG),…