Powerful Resolution for Vancouver

Vancouver based Seaspan International has welcomed a new tug into its ship berthing fleet. In late June 2009, the Seaspan Resolution was commissioned at the company’s North Vancouver headquarters. Sporting two EMD 710 12 cylinder main engines, coupled to Nigaata azmuthing stern drives, the tug puts out 6000 hp, to give it a 13 knots speed or 82 tonnes of bollard pull. Seaspan is claiming that it is the most powerful tug servicing ships in the port of metro Vancouver.

The tug was designed by Vancouver based Robert Alan Limited and is the third copy built by shipyard JM Martinac in Tacoma, Washington. I believe the other copy are owned by Signet Marine of Corpus Christi, Texas, but chartered to Foss in Seattle, one of which is the America. The 18 million dollar ship was built in the US, due to high workload at Seaspan’s (Washington Marine Group) own shipyards in BC.

Like most tugs in the harbour, the Resolution is crewed by one master and one deckhand, during extended escort duties out of the port, an engineer will be signed on. The tugs in Vancouver have always been crewed by two deckies, but one must wonder at what point does someone say that an engineer is needed. I realize the companies have extensive facilities and expertise nearby, but with 6000 horses to tend to, Z drives, AC, sewage system, OWS, purifiers, etc, on board, how much is a deckhand expected to know?

The new tug, Seaspan says, is named after HMS Resolution, in the late 1700’s, it was the most advance ship of its time, and Capt Cook’s flagship on his discovery voyages. It’s a nice and welcomed addition to the aging Seaspan fleet, and certainly keeps up with the Jones’ – sort of speak. SMIT has been beefing up its presence on the coast, albeit not as flashy as Seaspan, adding the SMIT Mississippi and the SMIT Clyde, I am sure was a bit of a motivational factor for Seaspan management.

Seaspan Resolution
Length Overall 30m
Breadth max 20m
Draft max 5m
Main engines 2 x EMD 12 710 G7C
Power (BHP) 6000
Propulsors Niigatta ZP-41
Propeller Diameter 2.7m (106”)
Speed 13 Knots
Bollard Pull 82.5 Tons
Winch Burrard Iron Works Model HJ 250 hp
Operating modes 5t /20t / 40t render/recover
Rated Dynamic pull 130 tons

You can view more press about the new tug at Seaspan’s website. Pictures from Seaspan’s website.

Seaspan has also taken possession, in early June, of a new fuel barge for their Vancouver based operations. SEASPAN 827, built at Vancouver Shipyards, is a double hulled fuel (refined petroleum) carrying barge with a capacity of about 27,500 barrels. The barge has three diesel engine driven pumps and a crane. This will replace the aging assets that ferry fuel from Port Coquitlam refineries to Vancouver Island.

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