Mate still in Jail

You might recall a blog entry here, a few months back, and beyond, telling a story about a Ship’s Mate, Philip Halliday. The Digby, Nova Scotia, man was working aboard the Destiny Empress (ex CCGS Parizeau), when the ship was apprehended by the Spanish navy, while at sea in international waters.  
Once the ship was searched by authorities, a large
quantity of cocaine was found aboard, stashed there by unknown culprits,
and unbeknownst to Mr. Halliday. He is currently incarcerated in Spain, awaiting trial, since his arrest, nearly two years ago.
I’ve just received an update from friends of the family, highlighting that Phil remains in a Spanish jail, in poor health. They write…

” Philip has had 2 gallbladder surgeries in Spain since his arrest… he had to go through these with no family or translators.  We were so hoping on Monday that they would finally release him but as you read the links below that was not to be.  We now have to wait an additional 3 weeks to find out what the Judges ruling is.

Philip was first mate. He took a job aboard for a month in 2008, and told them if they ever needed him again… They did, and said the Destiny Empress would sail from the Caribbean to Spain “empty”, to be sold to a German buyer. Philip boarded that boat in the Caribbean, on Nov. 16, 2009, and the boat was boarded by the Spanish on Dec. 21, 2009. ”

The family, obviously, remains frustrated in their efforts to free Mr. Halliday. The latest court decision, expected to result in a release, has now been delayed another three weeks. You can read more about the latest setback here, and here. The community has rallied around the family, and staged a march in hopes of drawing attention to the case, you can read about here.

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