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1965 built, US flagged steamship Pacific Tracker lays at the ready in Portland Oregon, picture by Martin Leduc

Access professional Marine Engineers around the world

Online since the early days of the internet, there is no greater resources of information for Marine Engineering professionals in the commercial maritime industry. The website is widely known due to its extensive, plain speaking, freely available source of industry related information. It is a labor of love by its creator, an active professional mariner himself, and has a loyal following of dedicated professionals which creates a welcoming environment. The site has grown organically, by word of mouth about it's content rich format, to around 25,000 visitor sessions every month.

The website was never created to make a profit, but in order to provide a quality experience, there is always need to raise some funds. If you have a product, ideas, magazine or just want to increase your brand recognition, Martin's Marine Engineering Page - is an excellent avenue to promote directly to professional, and prospective marine engineers all over the world.

Why use this site?

You can access a TARGET MARKET of professionals actively involved in worldwide commercial marine environment. Advertisements are colorful, attractive eye-catching graphics which rotate around the Martin's Marine Engineering Page - site, providing hypertext links to a web site of your choice.

Martin's Marine Engineering Page -'s web pages are viewed tens of thousands of times every month (over 85,000 pages on the site are viewed every month); our visitors are searching for information on YOUR company and OUR industry. With over 25,000 monthly visits, Martin's Marine Engineering Page -, is one of the most popular Marine Engineering web site on the Internet.

Martin's Marine Engineering Page - is run by a marine engineer and is an INFORMATION site - not simply a promotional site. If your company is involved in the marine industry, Martin's Marine Engineering Page - most likely contains information about it. Why not complement this information with your own advertising?

Martin's Marine Engineering Page - has a long and reliable track record, we have been on the World Wide Web since November 1999, and has extensive recognition worldwide, especially in North America. View our About Page and Milestones Page for more information on our traffic and history.

Low cost. A basic linked text / logo of your company on Martin's Marine Engineering Page - is free, and probably already exist on the "Links Page". Advertising on Martin's Marine Engineering Page - is a great value.

What's available

Banners can be used to drive traffic, increase brand awareness or a blend of both. If the objective is to drive traffic, we recommend a frequently updated, "action-oriented" banner inspiring the viewer to "click through". If the objective is branding, then a long life banner featuring just your corporate logo would be appropriate. I would be pleased to advise you on these issues and provide the best option for you.

We have various sizes and styles of "buttons", "vertical banners", "box banners", etc. available. We can also provide a "standard banners", site wide, or one that can carry a focused message offering direct exposure on one specific page.

Advertising Rates

Rates vary from USD$200 - to USD$450 per month depending on your wishes.

Here are some of the various sizes we have offered across our websites

We can offer smaller buttons and other types of exposure, site wide campaigns, etc; contact us for further pricing information. Rates are based on monthly, 3 month, or even annual contracts. Prices are net, and payment is due within 30 days from contract start.

Don't want to pay cash

Ok with us. Its just easier to pay the internet service provider with cash or credit; but we can be happy with some other compensation that is mutually agreeable. Got some nifty magazine subscriptions, cool company merchandise, neat service, great tools, marine engineering content for the site... whatever; bartering is in my dictionary.

Production Requirements

Total file size should not exceed 0.5mb, and animation are OK. File format types: GIF or JPG

Your banner ad will be hyper linked to the web address of your choice. Please indicate the URL in the text area of your message. If you do not have a website, we could discuss other alternatives. Send your banners by attaching them to an email addressed to [email protected].

Free Stuff

Over in the "Links Page", you might have already noticed that your company's logo is there. If it is not, I would be happy to included it in the "Links Page" (directory) for free. If you are a commercial maritime services and equipment provider, just send me your logo and URL - I will take care of the rest.

Contact us

I am open to new ideas and comments, so please feel free to mention them. I would be happy to discuss any of your concerns. Drop me an email and we proceed from there. I can provide detailed analysis of the site's traffic, to better shape your advertising campaign.

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