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1965 built, US flagged steamship Pacific Tracker lays at the ready in Portland Oregon, picture by Martin Leduc

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The seafaring world in moving pictures and available for download.

Off watch, and looking for something "seafaring" to watch? Check out the Seafaring on Film area, where I offer my opinions on various movies and TV shows with a maritime theme. You can also check out Dieselduck's YouTube Ship Channel for marine engineering related content highlighted from YouTube.

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Original Production by

Click for download Size Comments Martin's Rating Source
51 mb Take a walk down the center axis of the engine room on the Disney Magic. A 83,000 ton passenger ship. An original production from Dieselduck
22 mb The Capt Bob is a large tugboat on Canada's west coast, see it unload 15,000 ton of logs in a few seconds. Drop by the webpage for more info. An original production from More videos on the Capt Bob and Hercules, below.  Dieselduck
15 mb Dramatic video of the fire onboard the cruise ship Star Princess in Jamaica. An original production from with exclusive footage. Dieselduck
44 mb The Holland America Line cruise ship Zuiderdam departs Nassau on a brisk evening. Not the most exciting but my first attempt a filming. An original production from Dieselduck
214 mb A large video file of the engine room on the cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas and the people who tend to it. A sentimental end but interesting overall I think. An original production from Dieselduck
5.3 mb


A brief time lapse video of workers at the Ile aux Coudres shipyard, of Quebec based Ocean Group, flipping one of three modules for their new 25 meter harbour tug, one of three under construction at the yard. Dieselduck

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Engine Room and Machinery

Len shows us the Capt Bob 48 mb

A tour of the Rivtow Capt Bob, shot in 1997, good friend, CE Len Walsh gives a tour of the engine room, among other places onboard. Len was Chief on the Bob for many years, that's where I met him, just before his retirement in 2008. Video by YouTube
Screw type compresor 12 mb

MAN Turbo and Diesel illustrates the working principles of a screw type compressor, applicable to pumps as well. MAN
Wartsila explains the four stroke diesel principle 3.4 mb

Wartsila illustrate the working principles of a four stroke Diesel engine. Wartsila
Crankshaft exchange  39 mb 

A great video of a massive project: exchanging a crankshaft on a large two stroke engine. The project was carried out on a container ship in Antwerp, by Wetering of Rotterdam.  Wetering 
Maersk Laser ER tour  27 mb

Take an engine room tour of a modern Anchor Handler Tug Supply vessel (AHTS), the Maersk Laser. YouTube 
Super tanker ER tour  39 mb

A tour of a very large tanker's engine room. Impressive on all accounts.  YouTube 
16 mb Take a tour of a container ship engine room spaces. YouTube
5.2 mb Some impressive footage of the passenger ship Canberra's engine room and its operation, without sound though. YouTube
3.8 mb Take a look at a Machinery Control Room on a ro ro ship. YouTube
32 mb Here's a guest presentation on the technical aspects of the SS Norway's vast engineering spaces and machinery. Not the best quality but pretty neat. YouTube
23 mb This is the underway engine room spaces of the Steam Ship American Victory. Pretty dark and scary looking, not like today's engine rooms. YouTube
2.3 mb Not the best quality or interest, but it is kind of cool to hear an engine starting, and it makes me reminisce about working with 12V46 engine and that distinctive starting sequence. YouTube
13 mb Tour the engine room of the Nassauborg. Certainly a modern and well maintained ship. YouTube
12.2 mb I don't much about this clip, but it is certainly a large ship and a well maintained engine room. YouTube
8.6 mb An engineer walks us through starting up what looks like a tug of some kind with Deutz engines. Poor quality but made me reminisce. YouTube
4.2 mb Tour the engine room of the roro Iver Pride. YouTube
8 mb I'm not sure what type engine this is, but its an open valve gear engine in manoeuvres. YouTube
3.8 mb Large diesel running at the B&W Diesel House in Copenhagen, Denmark. YouTube
14.8 mb



Newly built 1,700 TEU container ship Hansa Papenburg undergoing anchor test, and engine tests while on sea trials in China. Watch them spank the turbo ! YouTube
0.8 mb



Small video of a Becker type rudder in operation. ?
13 mb


A naval petty officer is being quizzed on starting up the ship's gas turbine propulsion. Feel the pressure. You Tube
12 mb


A six cylinder medium speed engine is started and run up. YouTube
6 mb


A short video of running engine with open valve gear. Google

Short CG illustration of a Fairbanks Morse opposed piston engine OEM
18 mb

Video / CG illustration of the workings of a large two stroke engine OEM
95 mb

Last voyage, to the scrap yard, of the passenger ship Princess Daphne, powered by two Doxford opposed piston engine. YouTube
20 mb

A quick video of starting a 8V71, winch engine on the tug Island Monarch. What a beautiful sound. MMEP

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Pilot boat launch fail 1 mb

A very brief video of a crane accident while launching a pilot boat. Submitted
How not to launch an FRC 9 mb

Crew of a ro-ro unsuccessfully launch a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC). They should have watched Whale Wars first... Submitted
Maybe too real SIM training 12 mb

Two tankers collide at sea... or do they? Watch this advertisement for UK based training provider SMS. Company
586 mb

Researchers from UK's Cardiff University give a summary of the issues and findings on seafarer fatigue. A timely and interesting presentation as it pertains to us all, sailing at sea. Cardiff University
2.6 mb A flyover by the USCG of the world largest semi submersible oil platform after Hurricane Dennis passed by. Check out our webpage about this event. USCG
1.9 mb This one is not all that spectacular except that I am on tugboat about that size of late and it is a bit scary how fast this thing goes down. YouTube
145 mb This is an in-house training video by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line of fire safety systems onboard their ships, and an excellent real world example of Hi Fog mist systems in action. An excellent video. Submitted
9.4 mb The final voyage of the cruise ship Sea Diamond in Santorini, Greece. The Fred Olson Line ship hit bottom and sank about 6 hours later with the lost of two French citizen. YouTube
10.9 mb The Great Lakes bulker Windoc hits  Bridge 11 on the Welland Canal and gives the house works quite a haircut. The bridge operator is suspected to have been impaired as he lowered the bridge, before the ship had fully transited. Read the TSB report here.
0.9 mb The bulker MV Bright Field hit the New Orleans pier after losing steering causing severe damage. Poor video quality, but still neat. CNN
2.1 mb The MV Cougar Ace is over flown by USCG plane in Alaska. The ship listed suddenly and heavily, reportedly after a ballast operation. One Naval Architect was killed during the salvage operation, but the crew and ship was saved, and the Mazdas were offloaded, but sent to the scrapyard. USCG
0.9 mb A mobile crane at a container terminal topples into the drink. YouTube
1.3 mb A still picture montage of a collision between a Maersk Chemical tanker and a bulker. I believe this occurred in 2006 in the English Channel. Poor quality but scary nonetheless. YouTube
5.2 mb A fire breaks out on both ships involved in a collision. Pretty scary. YouTube
2.7 mb A visitor writes... "If you look closely, you can see the spreader beam attached to a can. It appears that one end of the can is free and the other is snagged or still lashed to the stack. Just before collapse, a crewman runs out and attempts to wave off or stop the crane operator. I would guess that the operator had the override button pushed as all container cranes have overload protection. As I remember, this video was shot by a tourist on an harbor excursion boat." YouTube
15 mb Local Victoria TV station goes over a list of BC Ferries accidents. Poor quality but interesting footage nonetheless. Various
0.9 mb A small tugboat is in a bad spot; short but a classic.


8 mb A car carrier makes a wide turn and runs over a buoy. YouTube
16.2 mb


A video of medical evacuation by United States Coast Guard helicopter of an 83 year old cruise ship passenger. An interesting observation if, god forbid, you have ever have to be evacuated from a ship. USCG Website
1.4 mb


A hazy, long distance, video of a container ship undergoing some kind of drastic occurrence, probably an engine room fire. Google
12 mb


A recording of the radio traffic, and AIS plotting of a collision between the tug Mel Oliver and the tanker Tintomara on the Mississippi River in 2008. One of the most severe pollution incident to occur on the Mississippi. USCG
5.5 mb


The brand new MSC Fantasia is alongside in Mallorca Spain, when the mooring bits failed, while the ships was being battered by strong winds. A passenger, on the gangway at the time, was thrown in the water and rescued by crewmembers who jump in to save them. YouTube
53 mb


MV Derbyshire was one of the largest bulkers ever built in the UK. The Capesize OBO disappeared mysteriously, in September 1980, some 400 miles off Okinawa, in a typhoon. All 44 souls perished and this video is the investigators best guest as to explaining what happened. Email
79 mb

Video overview by the USA's NTSB of the tragic US flagged cargo ship El Faro, lost in hurricane. NTSB

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Awesome Weather

Awesom heavy seas footage  19 mb

Very powerful seas captured on film in this montage. Makes me seasick just looking at it.    YouTube
North Seas rescue ship  25 mb

Bigwavemaster1 sent us this video of some very heavy seas encountered in the North Sea, Christmas 2012, while on rescue stand by duty.
He writes

"For a few days before and after we were having engine problems. It was due to the dedication and professionalism of the C/E that he kept them running during this crucial time. You can only imagine the consequences of a blackout at this time?"

Icebreaker in Finland  11 mb

The Finnish icebreaker Otso at work, in Northern Finland, filmed by YouTube 
dragging in rough weather  29 mb

Video of a fishing operations on a trawler deck, a very hard and dangerous jobs. But when the weather is rough, is when they make their money, because other boat head in, causing a shortage of product, and rise in price offer for product. Strange world. YouTube 
5.3 mb This is some awesome footage. Required viewing for all that design and build ships. Most seafarers are well aware of the various forces that affect a ship, this video bring it to the common person. YouTube
1 mb A short collection of videos of the USCG testing its new 47 foot lifeboats at Coos Bay Oregon, near the Columbia Bar, a notorious piece of water. Various
5.8 mb A ferry heads out to seas, taking a beating at the entrance of the harbour. I hope those vehicles are well lashed down. YouTube
4.6 mb This is awesome footage of a large tug heading out to sea. It hits some pretty rough seas, hard to imagine, there is people in there. I believe this is tug "Flanders" from Les Abeille in France, once part of Bourbon Group.  Various
1.9 mb This boat is quite rolly ! I have been on a few of these, and they're not that much fun. YouTube
14.6 mb Footage of a day at sea in the North Atlantic, onboard a Royal Canadian Navy frigate. YouTube
19 mb This is some dramatic footage of the Grand Voyager, a modern cruise ship caught in a Mediterranean storm. It had passenger onboard and suffered broken bridge windows, as seen in the last few seconds of this video. Pretty scary, and I imagine a great day for the china salesperson.

Click here to see a promotional pamphlet of the engine plant installed on Olympic Voyager (AKA Grand Voyager) by Wartsila.

4.7 mb P&O Pacific Sun gets out of Sidney Harbour on a bit of a rough start to the cruise. YouTube
6.8 mb The tanker Ata in some rough seas. YouTube
10 mb Some big seas are recorded on this video. YouTube
6 mb Not really marine engineering related, but a great display of some big waves. YouTube
3.5 mb A bulker rolls in rough seas. Plain overall, but watch it long enough and you'll get sea sick am sure. YouTube
1.8 mb A cargo ship gets tossed around in a beam seas. Not the greatest quality, but pretty rough looking. YouTube
93 mb



An educational video on ice navigation, and precautions to be taken while in the Baltic Sea, but applicable to any cold weather navigation. Sweden
4.7 mb



A platform supply ship maintains position in some good swells. ?
6.9 mb


This showed up in my email box, from my sister. Her friend forwarded to her while on a US aircraft carrier on exercise just off Hawaii in late 2007. EMail
6.1 mb


Bourbon Orca under way in rough seas, alongside another supply ship. YouTube
4.4 mb


A small coastal bulker is out in some rough seas. YouTube
30 mb


The Montreal based MV Aivik is pictured on a Arctic resupply run, being battered by strong winds. Google
1 mb


A short video of a massive wave rolling under a oil rig complex. YouTube
18 mb


Ok, so these videos are pretty common. But I still wouldn't really want to be  onboard, enduring a watch, in these conditions. YouTube
8.9 mb


Dramatic video of a fishing boat entering a harbour in rough seas. YouTube

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Life aboard

214 mb This is a promotional video by the European Union for careers at sea in the merchant navy targeted to the younger set. Modern and relevant with some good footage and perspective. Except that Italian guy in there is a little too enthusiastic, a bit scary actually ! EU Government
26 mb A video by Norwegian Cruise Line's "Norwegian Dream" engine room department, highlighting their funky STYLE - an acronym of NCL's quality and safety assurance program.  YouTube
27 mb The crew of the Queen Elizabeth 2 put together this creative video for charity, with all departments taking part in it. YouTube
16 mb Archival footage of seafarers, looks like engineers, and some good times aboard the steam ship United States.
46 mb


A video tribute to a pilot's job and rough seas. YouTube

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1.9 mb Every time I watch this one it makes me chuckle. Various
6.8 mb This is a mock interview - or at least I hope it is - of a politician trying to reassure, ineptly, the interviewer, that shipping is safe. Highlights the need to be educated about a topic before mouthing off. Submitted
1.5 mb A classic. Various
Fan belt expert 2 mb

Not sure how to class this video, it is pretty scary, maybe amazing, interesting nonetheless. How to change a fan belt on a running motor using only a screwdriver. YouTube
Engine block chomper 8.6 mb

Another hard to classify video from the interwebs. An engine block shredder, pretty amazing to see. YouTube

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Rivtow Hercules log dump 58 mb

Always an impressive sight, the log barge Rivtow Hercules video of a "dump". This looks like it was shot in the late 1990's in Howe Sound, there is another version that I shot in Ladysmith, you can find it at the top of the page. Video by YouTube
Westcoast tug scene 27 mb

Many things move by tug and barge on the west coast of Canada, the mainstay is logs and other wood products. This video by shows various tugs at work, mostly on the lower mainland (Vancouver Area). YouTube
Farewell to topsails 167 mb

An older video looking at one of the last sailing cargo ships in England. An interesting look at seafarers of the old days, sorry no engineers here. Submitted
Various ship launches 3.8 mb

Video of various ships being launched. YouTube
Ground level at ship launch 16.3 mb

Ever wonder exactly how the process of launching a ship starts? Here is a video that shows us how. YouTube
World smallest working V12 engine 42 mb

An amazing feat of patience and machining. Most have seen this already, but it is still amazing to see. YouTube
Fuel bunkering  59 mb

An excellent video on bunkering fuel in Singapore. Singapore Bunkering Standards captures a process not often seen by many, and of great educational value to engineers. MPA 
Wartsila history  39 mb

A history of the Wartsila company, one of the leading engine manufacturers in the world today.   Wartsila
76 mb European Union government video on short sea shipping initiatives. Good footage but a bit, well, governmental. EU Government
8.2 mb A time-lapse montage of a container ship re-supplying Antarctica research station. YouTube
25 mb A time-lapse montage of activity on the Panama Canal. Not the best quality but still pretty neat. YouTube
11.6 mb As a rule I don't like to include any military material on this website, but I am just so fascinated by these machines; the massive Russian Navy Typhoon submarines. YouTube
29 mb Some footage of the beaches of a ship breaking yard in India. YouTube
2.9 mb Not really marine related but interesting nonetheless. Its a Snow Steam engine in action. YouTube
1.5 mb A very short 3d animation of BC Ferries Spirit class boat.

This video was removed by request from JC at STX Canada
15 mb This another video from and of the Radiance of the Seas in a time-lapse montage of a transit through the Panama Canal.
5.3 mb Not an overly special video other than its of the world's largest container ship in service, the Emma Maersk. With a reported capacity of 14,500 TEU, 140,000 hp and just a crew of 13. YouTube
79 mb Part 1 -A two part documentary about the first dry-docking of the Radiance of the Seas at the Grand Bahamas Shipyard in Freeport Bahamas.
102 mb Part 2 -A two part documentary about the first dry-docking of the Radiance of the Seas at the Grand Bahamas Shipyard in Freeport Bahamas.
4.1 mb This little video illustrate the awesome power of electricity. Various
5.2 mb I know deck officers like to blow their own horn, but this takes the cake. Dueling ships horn in Miami. YouTube
8 mb Part 1 - Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley breaking ice, listen to the racket of the ice on the hull. Pretty neat.
8.5 mb Part 2 - Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley breaking ice, listen to the racket of the ice on the hull. Pretty neat.
4 mb



Quick Time File of Victoria, BC, TV station A Channel on the French cable laying ship Ile de Sein in Canadian waters for the Neptune project. UVic
5.2 mb



Quick Time File of Victoria, BC, TV station CH on the French cable laying ship Ile de Sein in Canadian waters for the Neptune project. UVic
3.3 mb



Quick Time File Computer animation of Tyco Communication's cable ship, Tyco Reliance. Brief but cool, also in print. Artist's Website
2.3 mb



Not really engineering related, but of local interest to us in British Columbia. Some kayakers are close to a pod of killer whales near Port McNeil, when one of them gets an up close encounter. ?
7.3 mb



Quick Time File of the St Lawrence Seaway locks in illustrated operation. Artist's Website
88 mb


An older Shell Petroleum production describing the diesel engine, with footage recreating the initial Diesel engine and its first start. Rare footage, and interesting. Wayback Machine
5 mb


Specifications of NS 50 Let Pobedy (English - 50th anniversary of Victory)
Builder: Baltic Works, Leningrad, USSR/Saint Petersburg, Russia
Laid down: October 4, 1989
Commissioned: 2007
Homeport: Murmansk, Russia
Class and type: Ice breaker, Arktika class
Displacement: 25,000 metric tons
Length: 159.6 m (522 feet)
Beam: 30 m (28 m at the waterline)
Propulsion: 75,000 h.p.
Power plant: 2 nuclear reactors, Model OK-900A capable of producing 171 MW each
Steam output: 240 tons per hour x 2
Speed: up to 21.4 knots
Complement: 138 crew members
Cost of "bunkering": $14 million USD
Life expectancy: 30 - 35 years
171 mb


Old black and white film of the departure preparations of the ill fated Titanic. Torrent
5.7 mb


A time lapse video of the construction and launch from Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, of the Super Star Leo, now renamed the Norwegian Spirit. YouTube
195 mb


A very hard to find video clip from the 1950's highlighting the Seafarer's International Union's benefits to American merchant mariners. Directed by Stanley Kubric, the promotional piece is quite a sight to behold and great glimpse of a time past. Torrent

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Corporate Productions

Maersk Tripple E launch 11.1 mb

A time lapse video of Maersk's massive new box ship, the MV Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, a "Tripple E", coming together at the Korean builder, Daewoo shipbuilders.  Maersk
USCG tending buoys in Puget Sound 6.3 mb

CCGC Henry Blake provides us a glimpse of its duties, tending to navigation aids, in Puget Sound. USCG
Wartsila recruitment video  27 mb

Wartsila recruitment video. It features some neat video of their operations Company
VSP illustrated  33 mb

Voiht illustrates their propeller concept in this high quality production Company
We are Maersk  272 mb

We are Maersk. A high end production featuring a corporate profile of the worlds largest shipping entity, the Danish company Maersk. Great look at the company. Company 
MV Blue Fighter  22 mb

Promotional video by Ulstein featuring the XBow MV Blue Fighter supply vessel.  Company 
9.6 mb A promotional video by TeeKay Shipping's LNG newbuild "Madrid Spirit". Great shots of the building process. Company
41 mb A promotional video from the MAN B&W engine company. Cool shots and good overview of their operations. Company
187 mb


An older video from Hover Barge of the UK showing their barges working in a pipeline in the Yukon, Canada's northern territories. Company
23 mb


A virtual reality movie describing the new Chemoil Helios bunkering facility in Singapore. Makes you realize the scope of bunkering operations. Company
95 mb


This corporate video is quite creative in highlighting Voith's product range. Will make anyone fascinated with moving machinery giddy. Company
39 mb


Wartsila promotion video of their full service partnership. Describing various levels of service available from the company. Company
11 mb


A short, general, Wartsila promotional video on engine upgrades for fuel efficiency. Company
4.7 mb


This video introduces us to the Dockwise Yacht Transporter concept. A semi-submersible ship ferrying pleasure yacht to various ports around the world. Company
61 mb



A quick overview of construction of Color Line's new ferry, Color Magic, by Aker Yards in Turku, Finland. The ferry is very similar to Royal Caribbean International's Eagle Class ships (aka Voyager Class) Co's web
21 mb



Quick Time File of Royal Caribbean International's 3600 passenger vessel, Liberty of the Seas, floated out for the first time. It is built in Turku Finland, by Aker Yards and nearly identical to the Eagle Class except it has one more fire zone (longer) than its previous 5 Eagle class. Liberty of the Seas is the middle boat of a three boat contract, the first was Freedom of the Seas, and the last is Independence of the Seas.. Co's web
8.6 mb



Computer generated illustration of a Voith Schneider Propeller concept applied to a platform supply ship.  An actual ship has been built with this propulsion system, the first of its kind in application of VSP. The ship is the Norwegian flagged, DNV classed, MV Edda Fram, owned by �stensjǿ Rederi. The ship was delivered by ship builder Astilleros of Spain, in June 2007. It has a LOA of about 86 meters, with a beam of 19 meters. Its powered by a diesel electric system consisting of four 1,950kW main engines and a 400 kW auxiliary; powering two 2500 kW VSP and two 1400kW thrusters fwd for designed speed of 16 knots. Co's Website
13 mb


Ulstein designed X Bow supply ship is shown off in this corporate production of the Bourbon Orca underway. Company
66 mb


I put together these three STX Europe corporate videos of RCI's new Oasis of the Seas, being built in Turku, Finland. Towards the end, the ship is seen on its first sea trials in June 2009. STX Europe
8.1 mb


American Super Conductor has develop a High Temperature super conductor electric motor for propulsive needs of the US navy. It is considerably smaller than a conventional motor of similar output. Its expected that the motor will start showing up in commercial application in the next 5 to ten years. Company

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When you click on the picture, the above videos should automatically launch and play on your Windows Media Player. With some browsers, you may need to use the "save as" feature, by right clicking your mouse button, and saving the file on your computer.

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