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1965 built, US flagged steamship Pacific Tracker lays at the ready in Portland Oregon, picture by Martin Leduc

Welcome to the Links Page

Below are links to equipment and service suppliers for the Marine Engineering community.

If you know of a company that should be here, or your company is involved in commercial shipping, providing equipment or services for shipboard use, and want to be included in this link area at no cost, feel free to send us the logo and information.


Original Equipment Manufacturers: Prime Movers

B&W, MAN, Ruston, Mirrlees, Blackstone, Paxman, Pielstick, etc

(Sulzer, Wartsila, John Crane, Lips)

Wartsila, Sulzer, Lips, Deutz, Nohab, GMT, Wichman, Deep Sea Seals, Stork, Nordberg, etc.


(Jenbacher, Waukesha)

Original Equipment Manufacturers: Steam Systems


 Original Equipment Manufacturers: Gears, Shafting, Propellers

Builders of pods and other propulsion units
Shaft bearings stern tube bearings (Hamilton Jet)

Tenmat Duramax
(stern tube bearings and cooler)




Original Equipment Manufacturers: Controls, Electrical Generation

konsberg-simrad - ships controls  
    Dwyer instruments and measuring
  Industrial Motor Power - Generators

Original Equipment Manufacturers: Maintenance and IT Systems

Marine satelite communication

Original Equipment Manufacturers: Major Auxiliary Equipment


Original Equipment Manufacturers: Fluids and its handling

Weir: Pumps, valves, process controls

Racor - Parker - filters and lines

  Evac Sewage systems for ships and offshore

Ship services

Diving contractors   Coral Sun Marine - Electrotechnoly / diesel electric propulsion specialist
Ireland - Refrigeration 

(New Zealand)

(Greece base riding crews and repairs)

Governor Controls

(formally CGL Industries component repairers - sulzer/b&w)

(BC based Detroit, Allison and  MTU dealer)
 LamaLo Technology
(shafting issues)
(UK based Engine techs)
Hermont Marine
(safety electronics) 
GECO Marine
(vancouver based services and equipment)
Total Marine Solutions
(Waste water & other)
 J & H Diesel
(service for smaller plant's fuel and air needs)

Spares sources: Parts

Mares Shipping
(Germany -engine spares )

(California - seals and rubber products)

Canadian Babbitt Bearings AllPax
(Canada - gasket supplies)
Cascades Springs
Theriault International
(Canada based buy and sell)
CNC Milling
(UK Based Machining)
Karlo Group
(Canada - ship suplies)
 Industrial Marine Power Twin Co
Singapore (main engine spares)
Diesel Pro Power
(Florida - Detroit Diesel)
Boats & Harbors
(Buy & Sell type paper for new and used marine stuff in NA)

(Canada based Electrical motors)
 POLGER spares
Poland (B&W, Sulzer and others)

(Canada - Metal hardening)

(Italy - filters and more)
(Vancouver based Deutz, MAK, Akasaka, Mitsubishi, Niigata, Hyundai)

(Canada - metal plating)

 Spares sources: Stores and Consumables

(BC - Canada, World site) 
Jotun - paints and coatings
(Marine Signage)

(grinding and cutting)
Filtec / Soteco
(filters and spares from Germany)
(UK safety and environmental equipment)
Chockfast engine / machinery set up

Spares sources: Lubes and Bunkers


Spare... ships: Broker and Builders

(Qingdao, Shipbuilders)

Classification Societies

(American Bureau of Shipping-ABS)

 Regulatory and Investigative bodies

 Norway's Accident Investigation Board
SAMSA logo    

NIMASA (Nigeria)


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