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1965 built, US flagged steamship Pacific Tracker lays at the ready in Portland Oregon, picture by Martin Leduc

The Machinery Page

On this page you will find Martin's Marine Engineering Page -'s collection of articles, papers, reports and programs on various machinery and practices found on commercial ships. Some pieces are my own creation, some are in the public domain, some are submission from visitors like you, but I hope you find that all are interesting, and offer something to learn from. Your comments are always appreciated. Download the free Acrobat File program.


"Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I'll understand."
- Benjamin Franklin

Prime Movers


Diesel / Heavy Fuel Engines

Illustrated cutaway of a small high speed diesel

Propulsion and power transmission

An illustrated cutaway of a diesel electric powered ship

Electricity and its production

Parts of an electric motor

Auxiliary machinery


Alfa Laval fuel oil separator 

Fuels and Lubrication


Types of gears

Steam and Water Systems

An illustrated Foster Wheeler steam boiler

Safety, Security, and Environmental

B&W single pass header type marine boiler



Illustrated theory of a governor

Handy Downloads


On the web - technical information

Too busy to improve

On the web - Specs and Data

Picture of the Capt Bob's port side EMD engines


How to Burn Bunker Oil
Set the burners open wide. Do not touch the valves at the side
Keep the pressure on the pump. And up the bally steam will jump
If the smoke is black and thick. Open up the fans a bit
If the smoke is thick and white. To slow the fans will be quite right
For when sufficient air is given. No smoke ascendeth up to heaven
If the jets refuse to squirt. Assume the cause is due to dirt
Should the flame be short and white. You have combustion clear and bright
But should the flame be yellow and long. Combustion is entirely wrong
A wise man to his heater sees. And keeps it at 10 score degrees
To have it more is not quite wise. Because the oil may carbonize
A little lower has been found. To give good results all round
If the filters are kept clean. No rise of pressure will be seen
But should the pump kick up a ruction. There's likely air within the suction
The pressure governs the supply. So do not keep it very high
If these instructions you will follow. You'll beat the other fellow hollow
- Unknown

Mistake inspired

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