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1965 built, US flagged steamship Pacific Tracker lays at the ready in Portland Oregon, picture by Martin Leduc

The maritime world in pictures

Our major picture galleries moved in late 2012, and it now reside on its own website, You will find over 2500 pictures of ships, machinery, rough weather, mariners, and of course a large quantity of Martin's own work.

Below, are picture essays and special galleries, of interest to mariners and ship enthusiasts. We also have a video gallery, click here to go there.


" A ship in a harbour is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. "
- William Shedd


Ships Tours

  Engine room tour of an experienced Canadian east coast tramper, MV Catherine Desgagnes. Some neat machinery, straight out of the of the historical textboks.
  Have a look at the Fugro Saltire, a new Survey Vessel for E Forland of Norway. Top notch accommodations for workers and crew.
Visit the high tech cable laying ship MV Knight, laid up in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.
Visit the "Snag Boat" Preston. A beautifully restored steamboat retired in Anacortes Washington, USA.


Photo Essays

  A photo tour of the various Canadian institutions that train Marine Engineers and seafarers in Canada. Taken over many years, from my travels.
  A critical look of a typical Great Lakes bulk carrier's engine room, and the not so hidden dangers they contain.
Cecon Pride   MV Cecon Pride was a long time coming due to numerous financial setbacks, but when Quebec's Davie Yard delivered their 717th ship, she was worth the wait. Here's a photo book of the this offshore construction vessel built in Canada, delivered in 2014.
Costa Concordia Salvage   The Costa Concordia set the standard for not only infamy, but also an engineering achievement of no equals. The complex and largest ever salvage operation, is documented in this photo book.
Titanic engine   The building of the transatlantic liner, Titanic, in a PowerPoint display (and probably some shots of Olympic) at the turn of the 20th century in Belfast. Impressive collection. The pictures are self explaining, however the details are written in Dutch.
  A series of pictures showing a large power generator turbine in the middle east, which reportedly flew apart, due to an over speed condition. The resulting carnage is displayed in this pdf file.
  Modern semi submersible drilling rig Deep Water Horizon, suffered an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico and sank in April 2010
  MV Algoport sinking in East China Sea
  A pdf file of some pretty impressive weather
  The 35,000 tonnes bulk carrier Fedra, lost power and ran aground in Oct 2008, on Europa Point in Gibraltar. Here is a pdf series of pictures from the accident.
  A pdf version of a power point presentation of various heavy lift ships in action. Quite a breed apart.
  A pdf version of a power point presentation of the very impressive private yacht of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Octopus.
  A pdf version of a power point presentation of the Petrobas P36 disaster, put in context of that company's celebration of shareholder value just before the accident.
  Video and pictures of the large tug Rivtow Capt Bob and its log barge, Rivtow Hercules, in action.
  The rebirth of Victoria's Point Hope Shipyards a small but modern ship repair facility on Canada's West Coast.
The Heavy Lift ship MV Black Marlin in action, picking up the damaged US Navy Destroyer Cole.
Carnival's MV Celebration had to have one of it's engines crankshaft replaced in the Grand Bahamas Shipyard, in Freeport.
The Dubai Drydocks accident. Two section of the caisson holding the sea back, failed, flooding the dock. 
Visit Fort Lauderdale's RTM Star Center. A training facility for professional mariners.
BP thunder Horse after a visit from Hurricane Dennis in the Gulf of Mexico, July 2005

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