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1965 built, US flagged steamship Pacific Tracker lays at the ready in Portland Oregon, picture by Martin Leduc

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Martin's Marine Engineering Page - thanks the following contributors

Scott K, Nick D. Jean Francois for technical advice and help. Cat & Nol, Pascal and Doug for donating valuable web space to get the site started, even if they didn't know it. Julie M. for putting up with me.

Tom Bates, James Jensen, Ion Livas, and Alfons Verheijden, Patrick Burke, for their extensive submissions in the Historical area.

Art M. for donating a pile of First Class ME exams. A very big thank you to Dave B, Karim, Walt P, Colin B, Bill P, Serge A, Bosco D, Mihai, John C, Igor K, for providing many 1st and 2nd questions. Wayne K, Peter B, Brian P, Myles O, Colin B, Stephan L, Jodi G. Luke K. Mike H, Ajay T, for submitting exam help and questions (3rd class), Geoff and BB for 2nd class. AS for his 4th Class questions. Robin C. and his partners for the tremendous amount of work on the First Class questions. Nathan L., Mike R, for Mike's Guides. Thanks goes to Edwin M for the review of regs. Jonh Mc|Donald for submitting USCG exams questions.

Darren Williams, marine lawyer, for his excellent, insightful legal articles. JK for the informative posts on the Monitor, pictures, tid bits but mostly for the many helpful replies in the various forums. Barry Dressel, Laurent David for clarifications on the history of the diesel engine. Barun Gupta and Kumar Surendra Prassad for their papers on LNG shipping and technology. Carissa B. for donating her time and comments. Tom (bilgerat) Winkle for pictures, stories and anecdotes.

Kaz H, Peter F, Juan M, Bruce W, Christoph B, Dave G, Slattery, Craig B, David B, David W, Jim A, Bill B, Adrian P, Maurice S, Lou C, Jim & Charles L, Richard, Andrew T, Norm N, Erik D, Gerry, David S, Gerhard G, Sam W, Dale P, John G, Daniel A, Brian G, Nic L, Chris C, Alan R, Nick T, Greg McK, Hans, Timothy P, Per-Ake K, John N, Raul B, Bob S. Mikkel E., Alastair T, Rick B, Tom W, Graeme H, Farooq N, Charles N. etc, for their jokes, articles, pictures and poems.

Also, a thank you goes out to the casual input, that makes the site more accurate; such as from Cornelius R for exam input. John Sykes for diesel's historical tidbits, and Erik O on the Cunard stuff.


(Some) Reference books on Marine Engineering

In the format of: book title, author, publisher, year. Also, some include my personal rating (should have in your library).


Martin's technical book collection
Part of my technical book library in 2008 (notice Thomas the Train - that's my EK steam collection)


Still looking for Marine Engineering reference and research material; text books and such? The list below, compiles, pretty extensively, published Marine Engineering works.


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